Iraqi women loves black too

Hi all,i am an Iraqi married wife and lives in Seattle,i would love to say that also Iraqi women loves BBC,too bad there's few in Iraq and most are foriegners,but when i had the chance and met one...i didn't waste my time,i took every advantage of that and i truly find it as a paraside on earth,seiously guy,i can't stop doing it,i felt my self made for that,i felt my self created to please the real black men,i am so so proud of what i am doing and i will never stop it,it's also so pleasure to my husbund to watch me doing that,so we both so happy to make our fantasies true. securedownload4.jpg
Thank you 7abibi I am also big fan of men from gulf specially from KSA they are so hot and sexy and know how to treat the Iraqi pussy