Intrigued by new approaches to IR fantasy theme

I'm interested in new and unusual sources of excitement in the interracial erotic fantasy theme. My most consistent pleasure is in IR generating more "heat" and intensity of sexual desire.

One of my IR fantasies involves an imagined populationary disproportion there are far more White females than males, while the Black community is skewed toward males.

Think of a community college with students 50% White females; 40% Black males; 6% Black females; and 4% White males!

Another reverie is that of a young Black man who becomes involves in an extremely "hot" affair with a young White woman. He then leads other male members in his family to similarly intense and satisfying affairs with other women in his girlfriend's family!

Imagine three Black brothers paired with three White sisters. Thus naturally leads to a meeting between the the girls' mother and the young men's father -- and they become passionate lovers!