Impregnation ladies point of view?

This subject has lots of threads, and is well discussed in the lifestyle. It's a rally good fantasy that deserves some good attention. But the real fact is what are you going to do when the pregnancy test comes back positive? Thats the Oh Shit Oh Shit factor, and you need to be prepared for what your doing. So If you decided to go for it thats the ultimate in commitment and just remember you just brought a human life into the world.
Also remember once you get into the lifestyle the subject will come up, it will be an intense turn on for both of you the sex will be phenomenal the more you talk about it, so be prepared and have fun with the fantasy. As for us, yeah I tried a few years ago, gave my man a birthday present, but I talked to my husband first told him what I wanted to do and to make sure he was going to be ok with it, at first it was like WHAT! but over the next few weeks he began to accepted it and actually began to enjoy the idea.
Then my mans birthday came, we showed up at his house and I had butterflies, nervous and like what am I doing, After dinner I told him I have a special present for him, we went to the bedroom and began playing, thats when I told him what the present was, at first he was like for real? my husband said yup for the next 30days so do your best. Now i was real nervous and the first time I sensed my man was cumming I jumped off and let him shoot ti in the air LOL what a waste right. my man was like dam why you do that? just nervous, after a few minutes we started again, after about an hour an a few orgasms later i could sense he was getting ready to cum, thats when my husband came from behind and began kissing my neck and playing with my nipples, and he started whispering into my ear its ok baby its ok thats when I sensed my man was gonna cum, then he let out a low moan, my husband put his hands on my waist pushed down and i heard him say you gotta take him deep, thats when I felt it, a white hot jet of liquid deep inside me and that felt so fucking good I had a major orgasm and was shaking you would have thought I was having a seizure. After that we started doing it 3 to 3 times a day for the next month, after that and next month mother nature visited and I knew I was safe, then back on BC, so now when im in my seventies I can always think yeah I tried that.
As for the experience, it was very intense, my husband and I talked about it often, he had lots of questions and I was always honest with him about the experience. He wanted to know what I was thinking when my man came, just stars cause it was so intense and felt so good, it felt very natural, the right thing to do, So i asked him what he was thinking, he was like honestly how beautiful you would look pregnant, well it aint gonna happen cause im 40 and enjoying life as it is.
That was our one and only experience like this. Never gonna happen again
Dont get me wrong if I had gotten into this lifestyle 20 years ago yeah i would have done it, but if the three of you have decided this is what you want then this is the ultimate commitment, be apart of it,