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Hubby's One Sick Puppy (first half)


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Hubby's One Sick Puppy

Successful in his financial investment business at the young age of thirty, married to an angelic blond beauty who would certainly qualify as any man's beautiful trophy wife, Bob and Cindy Regan were also highly respected in their community. Always quick to help out in their community and church, Bob's admirers were certainly jealous of his lifestyle, with the men especially jealous of him having such a beautiful and outgoing wife, one who was caring and devoted to the man she had married some five years earlier. Cindy, at age 28, had quickly risen from a management trainee to assistant manager of a large corporate retailer. But little did anyone realize that Bob Reagan was one sick puppy when it came to his current thoughts and desires about his beautiful wife, for every spare moment of his was currently filled with a demented fascination, that of seeing her being confronted by a big black brute, a determined black bastard who was willing to force her to spread her long sexy white legs for him! Bob's fascination was that of he being incapacitated in some manner, unable to protect his beautiful wife where she would see why he was physically unable to come to her aid, and then Bob could enjoy watching her plight as she tried to fight off her attacker and keep from being brutally raped. But of course it was Bob's desire to see his wife fail in her fight, wanting to see her forced to strip for the bastard or even having her clothing torn right off her sexy bod, then to see her physically restrained upon the bed as her attacker brutally forced his big black cock up into her. And as his fantasy would play out in his mind each time, Bob would get to hear his beautiful wife sobbing and pleading with her attacker, then the shrieking shrill of absolute horrid pain would fill the night's air as the fucker stuck his humongous cock up into her too tight slit.

Not only did Bob want to witness to his beautiful wife's brutal attack by a strong black rapist, his exciting fantasy included that of hearing Cindy her sobbing out in agony as the big black bastard thrust himself into her time and time again. Closing his eyes, Bob could hear his wife crying out "Please no,please don't rape me, not in front of my husband! Please don't shame me in front of my husband!"
Cock rockhard in his pants, Bob certainly wanted the fantasy to go on with the bastard not paying any attention to her pleas and to grab her trim hips in his big strong hands, pulling her towards him as he lunged on forward, impaling Cindy on his giant fuckstick. His heart thumping in his chest as the fantasy had become so real in his mind, causing Bob to utter on out "Ohhhh, shit!" Panting out, trying to catch his breath, Bob sat there at his desk for a moment before reaching over for the box of tissues, needing a bunch to wipe up all that sticky mess of cum now filling his jockeys.

Lovemaking between he and his wife had always been good to satisfactory to Bob, but lately he was wanting something more exciting, something a bit more than making love in the missionary position or having Cindy fist his boner if she had her period. It had all been triggered when Bob had stumbled on an x-rated flick on a porn site that he'd look at when wanting some entertainment. The starlet in the flick certainly looked a bit like his beautiful wife, especially from the back with her flowing silky blond hair cascading over her shoulders. Watching the film intently, Bob got a hardon seeing the blond undressing while in the bedroom, all while being watched by a guy lurking and peeking from outside her window. The peeper was obviously quite excited at the view he was getting as the big black buck began shucking at his tool while the beauty undressed before his prying eyes. Eyes glued to the screen, Bob's cock throbbed as the peeper had moved alongside of the house, then began to jimmy the lock of the back door with some kind of tool. It worked as the door handle turned in the gloved hand, giving admittance to the devious intruder. That first time watching the flick, Bob could feel his heart thumping in his chest as he imagined that the big black intruder was about to enter the bedroom in which his beautiful wife Cindy was preparing for bed. The camera angle gave Bob the point of view of the intruder, seeing Cindy back to him as she reached up behind her back to unclip her bra.

Just as the bra straps loosened and were being slid of her creamy shoulders, the intruder sprang for to grab his prey with one hand going around her mouth and the other around her trim waist. "wha .............................!" came the startled scream that was cut short by the large hand being clamped tightly over the mouth of the blond beauty.
From the similarities of the blond beauty on the screen and that of his wife, it was easy for Bob to pretend that it was indeed his lovely wife trying to fend off this black assailant. Bob found himself caught up in the action, unzipping the front of his pants in seeing the intruder lifting himself up off the struggling beauty to undo the front of his pants and pull out that jutting monstrosity of his. Then came a muffled shriek of pain being emitted from the prone beauty, caused by the rapist raising up his butt and slamming forward without any mercy, sending his fat raping fuckstick far up into the agonized beauty. At that point Bob slumped on back in his swivel chair, panting to regain his breath as his eyes remained focused on the screen, his cock dwindling in his fist with several streaks of cum flowing on down over the desk drawers of his desk. His fisting of his cock added with the sight of the black bastard thrusting forward into the beauty that resembled his wife, Bob had popped quite a big load all about his desk, one that would require quite a clean up.

After dinner on nearly each and every night, when alone in his home-office, Bob would replay that exciting porn flick and picture his beautiful wife as the undressing in the bedroom and being watched from the black peeping tom, then being accosted and raped by the black bastard. Being sure to keep a tissue box in a desk drawer, he'd spurt his messy wad into the pad of tissues rather than having to clean up a messy desk like that first time. This was merely a fantasy to Bob, one that he would keep nursing throughout the rest of the year, then his fantasy went one step further on a scheduled golf outing turned sour with a thunderstorm hitting the area.
When the course closed the greens for the day saying that lightning was a part of the forecast, one of Bob's foursome suggested that they head on out to the 'Ace of Spades' for a bit of gambling. Having never heard of the place, Bob then learned that it was a place on the other side of the tracks that licensed for table card games and slots. As that one fellow in the group said that he went there all the time, they all hopped in his car and headed on out to the gambling establishment. It was then that Bob and another guy suggested first stopping off at an ATM to get more cash to gamble with unless there was one at the place. The guy driving advised that he believed there was one there but wasn't absolutely sure as he never looked to use one, but he reassured them that "They know me well there and with me vouching for you there won't be any problem of them advancing you up to a grand apiece! Just be sure to cover any markers within the time frame they give and there won't be a problem! With any type of gambling establishment, you just don't want to be late!"

Being told by his golf buddy that it had been cleared with the cashier's pit boss that he could get a thousand dollar advance from the house as the ATM on the premises was currently out of order and wouldn't be fixed till the next day as this was a Sunday, Bob was behind his other golf buddy to get the line of credit established, with the cashier's headman personally taking care of them since their golf buddy had vouched for them. Having seen the process of what was needed to establish a line of credit, that of having them make a copy of one's driver's license and a credit card, Bob was a bit reluctant on handing over his credit card at such an establishment, much rather having gotten money out of an ATM directly. As the ATM was out of order, the terms were quite fair, that they could retrieve their credit into at the end of the day at no interest or if they ended up losing and unable to cash out their markers that day, then they could have ten days time in which to make good with a mere 1% interest on what was borrowed. But if they didn't make good on it, the house would be looking to recover what was borrowed plus 20% .............per month's interest!
At the cashier's window, the head cashier was a big muscular black man who introduced himself as "I'm Hank Bonds! A friend of Willy's is always welcome here! I apologize for the ATM going down! Think it got drained out of money this weekend! And with this being a Sunday, it'll be tomorrow before the bank has someone over to fix it and get it going again!" Bob took out his wallet handed over his driver's license to the big but seemingly friendly fellow behind the cashier's cage, but he was rather hesitant to hand over his credit card.

Hank Bonds, 6'6" and 255 lbs. of pure black beef and muscle, had been in the racket for some twenty years and could easily read the hesitation being expressed by this new vouched for customer. Various scams had been publicized in recent weeks regarding credit cards, Hank easily understood Bob's hesitation and didn't blame him a bit. Being very observant, Hank had observed the picture of a beautiful blond in a plastic insert on the other side of open wallet, and in seeing the wedding band on the white boy's finger had him correctly assuming that the picture of the punk's wife. With the fellow now inquiring if it was just possible to fill out some application for credit and leaving a copy of his driver's license with it, the norm which the house would use but which would take a few days to verify and establish the credit, Hank had to explain that such procedure just wasn't available for an 'instant credit line' like in this situation .............especially this not being a work day! But in his devious mind taking the approach of 'nothing ventured - nothing gained'.
Hank concocted the following "I understand your reluctance in giving us a credit card to make a copy of, especially with all that fraud going on these days! Tell ya what Bob, as yer a friend of Willy's and he's vouched fer ya, we'll just take a copy of yer driver's license and ya can use that picture of that beautiful blonde in yer wallet as collateral! I'll keep it right in this envelope fer ya and you can reclaim it when ya cash out or in the ten day period!"
Hank saw the white boy hesitate for a few seconds, then took that picture out of his wallet to slide it across the counter. Being blatant on purpose, Hank licked at his lips and asked "She yer wife?"
And when the punk smiled nervously and nodded a 'yes', Hank commented "Damn, she sure is a purty one!"
Being able to size a guy up was one of Hank's well-tuned gifts, and here he sensed something a bit out of the ordinary with it came to young Bob Regan, something that Hank aimed on uncovering.

An hour later after being relieved at the cashier's cage and making the rounds, Hank then went over to where Willy Thorn was playing some slots to thank him for bringing in some new clientele, but more so in inquire a bit of each of them - especially that of Bob Regan! Hank got to learn that got together every other week as a foursome at the exclusive Sunnyville Golf Club. So it became obvious that all were pretty well off with good credit, especially in being a member of that exclusive country club, one of the most noted clubs in the region. In a gesture of a thank you to Willy, Hank gave him a voucher for four to lunch and drinks in the casino's restaurant. Later from his vantage point upstairs, Hank check the cameras to see how Bob Regan was doing on the blackjack table and saw the newcomer with a sizable amount of black chips in front of him, indicating that the whiteboy was doing quite well. Opening up the sheet of paper in his inner coat pocket, Hank gazed at the color copy he had run of the blond beauty's picture that he had put away in the envelope down in the cashier's vault.
'Damn, what a fucking beauty! Was sure hoping on that hubby of yers losing his ass and maybe putting up yer sweet ass as collateral! God, I'd just love getting you in the sack someday maybe one day, hopefully soon!' he thought to himself.

At the end of the day after Willy and his golf buddies had departed the casino, Willy sat puzzled at his desk in the cashier's cage, puzzled and gazing at the photograph he had taken from the vault. From his estimate, Bob Regan must have gone home a winner of something just under a grand but the whiteboy had said that he hadn't done well and would be back within the ten day time to cover his markers. Checking with the dealer at the blackjack table that Bob Regan had been playing at, Hank's assessment was indeed confirmed that the punk went home a winner.
'Hmmm, so why didn't he just cash in his chips and reclaim the envelope containing a copy of his driver's license and the photo of his beautiful wife?' Hank had to wonder. 'Maybe he wanted to pretend that he lost, giving him a thrill knowing that a horny black bastard the likes of me might jist be getting ideas of gitting a chance to bone his wife should he fail to pay on time?' Hank pondered.
Then he smiled as his gut told him that 'The punk's getting off at the idea of a black bastard lusting after his beautiful wife! That's his fuck'n fantasy or a part of it anyway,maybe he wants to see his wife being fucked out of her mind by someone the likes of me,with coal black body covering that petite ivory one of his petite wife!' Then Hank thought 'I'll go and git me a credit report on Bob Regan and try and learn everything I's can on the punk and that beautiful wife of his!'

It was exactly ten days later, just as Hank Bonds expected, that Bob Regan showed on up at the casino to square away his loan. With the thousand dollars paid to cover his marker, Hank got the envelope out of the vault and slid it over to the whiteboy. Hank watched the punk's expression as he opened up the envelope that contained a copy of his driver's license and the photograph of his beautiful wife, then he decided to put the bug in the punk's ear, telling him "Any time you wanna get instant credit again, that's all ya'll need to do if I'm her in the cashier's cage,a copy of yer driver's license and that picture of yer beautiful wife!"
After the punk smiled nervously and chuckled at his remark, Hank then upped it another notch by adding "Use a sexier picture, say yer beautiful wife in her undies and I'll up the instant credit line to two grand!"
"Two grand!" came the rather excited prospect of the young punk as he then inquired "Same terms?"
"Yep!" Hank responded, then added "My friend, if ya ever git yerself in a real bind, I'd be willing to dish out quite a sum, not as a loan but say I'd be willing to pay, if the price was right, if'n ya can arrange fer me to have a night in the sack with that honey of yers!"
With the punk saying he'd keep that in mind before going off to gamble some with the chips he still had from his last visit, Hank wondered as to how the punk's fortune would work out on this day.

As luck would have it, Bob Regan start off real good and then began doubling down on his bets. That's when all his luck ran out and all his chips were gone, meaning that he had lost back the $800 winnings from the prior visit along with the $1,000 of chips that he had taken out in on a marker that day. Bob was gambling and chasing his bets at this point, his mind seemingly not really on gambling but on the prospects of actually going along with the preposterous proposal of getting his wife into bed with the likes of Hank Bonds. Was it on purpose that Bob lost and kept on playing, then going outside to catch his breath and to head on back home before losing any more. Looking across the way, seeing an wifi internet shop, his desire to take his fantasy a step further had Bob walking over to use the computer and printer at the store. Returning to the casino and going to the cashier's cage, Bob then asked to see Hank Bonds.

Having discretely snapped a picture of his wife with his cell phone while she was in her undies weeks ago, Bob and naughtily kept it filed there to view from time to time but never having thought of using it for other purposes till now. Having paid to use the computer and printer, paying extra for quality glossy photo paper, he had downloaded his wife's picture to be printed up at the store providing internet services. And when Hank Bonds came to the counter, Bob inquired if the big man was indeed serious about the proposal for two grand instant credit.
The big man then told him "Two grand with two weeks to pay at 1% interest, but I git to keep this picture of yer beautiful wife!"
Swallowing deeply as the big man smiled widely and seemingly knowingly, his cock actually twitched with excitement in his pants, Bob then agreed to the terms and also handed back over a copy of the driver's license he had retrieved a bit earlier. Two thousand dollars in his pocket as a marker, it was an amount he could easily cover, but did he want to right away or maybe even pocket the money as a part of another deal he could make, letting Hank Bonds bed his beautiful wife! Unbeknownst to Bob, Hank Bonds had run a credit check on him and knew very well that he was not in any financial straits and covering two grand was not a big deal for him. Thus, Bob's faulty thinking was that of playing and losing some of the two grand marker, then waiting the two weeks to return and make a proposal to Hank Bonds but he first needed to think it all through. One aspect Bob was certain of, that of his innocent and conservative wife have nothing to do with going to bed with another man, especially if it involved a black man, so he would have to run things through in his mind before making such an illicit proposal!

For the next two weeks, Bob played various scenarios through his mind time and time again, wondering as to which would be the one to go with in approaching Hank Bonds with his outrageous proposal, one that would obviously involve the rape of his beautiful wife! Another aspect that Bob realize he'd have to make sure of, that being he would have to be tied and restrained when it happened, giving his wife a clear view to him being clearly incapacitated and thus unable to physically come to her aid. 'Would he go for it? How much would he be willing to cough up, getting to forcibly rape a beauty like Cindy with the reassurance that it wouldn't get reported to the police?' Bob asked himself over and over again till he decided it was plausible enough for the big man to bite at the lewd proposal.
Then came a deeply puzzling aspect, a part of the proposal that Bob felt he had to give an alternative to in order to assure that nothing unexpected would happen to cause thing to get out of hand, that being whether he could insist on a condom being used to keep Cindy from being impregnated from the rape! Bob realized that even if he got that promise ahead of time, would it be kept in the heat of the moment? 'What if he can't get off wearing a condom, pulls it off and rapes Cindy bareback?' was one of the possibilities that Bob was confronted with, and that was whether the insistence on the use of one being a deal killer right off the bat. Bob had to ask of himself that same questions 'Would I go for something like that? Paying big bucks for such an exciting prospect, only to be forced to wear a condom! Hell, even for me if I was given the deal, half the excitement in deal itself would be coming in the bitch I'm raping with the prospect of knocking up another man's wife!'

Over those same two weeks, Hank Bonds was also playing various scenarios in his mind while looking at the two pictures he had of the young punk's beautiful blond wife, all of which lead to the conclusion reached in his mind that the well-off whiteboy was feigning a lack of money to support his gambling and using it as a means of hiding his true desire - that of watching his beautiful wife being raped by a black thug like him. With money not a big deal for Hank either, viewing that he actually owned 80% of the gambling joint with two others being silent partners, he wondered just what kind of deal the young punk would be coming up with when he showed up the next time. Looking at the most recent picture of the blond beauty, Hank's cock twitched in his pants and he muttered out loud "FUCK, getting to rape a beautiful bitch like this without any consequences at all, no worry about the rape being reported to the cops, shit, I'd shell out ten grand for that pleasure! Grabbing her, feeling her struggle against me, then hearing her scream when I's slide my big black boner up her tight little cunt!'

When that two week deadline to pay off the marker arrived, Hank acted the part when the whiteboy came in to talk to him about getting an extension on paying off the marker, laying on the phony excuse of needing just a bit more time to come up with the needed bucks. Hank shook his head and looked disgusted as a part of his play acting, waiting for the whiteboy to come up with his phony excuse in offering up that beautiful wife of his as seemingly a last resort to alleviate his contrived money problem to hide his true desire of having his beautiful wife raped by a black assailant.
Then the punk stammered out "Remember what you told me the last time I was here, that you'd be willing to pay or dish out quite a sum, if I could arrange for you get her in bed for a night?"
Again playing the part, Hank leaned back as if in total shock, the responded with "Jezz, yeah, but ya gotta be kidding me! Shoot yeah, but how much ya asking fer?"
"Well, a grand, plus the two that I owe you!" came the punk's reply.
Looking at the punk with an astonished face, Hank replied "That's three fuck'n grand, ya gotta be shitt'n me! Shit, even the most expensive call girl only charges a grand for the entire night!"

Letting the punk talk at this point in order to convince him just why he should cough up that kind of big money, an amount that Hank was more than willing to cough up to bed that beautiful blond filly but pretended it was far to much for that pleasure, he wanted to bust out laughing at the punk attempt to convince him that it would be all worth it. "It'll be an opportunity that a guy will rarely get in one's lifetime! As my wife obviously won't go along with this, willingly, but with me tied up in a chair and unable to help her, you get to RAPE her without any consequences to worry about! Think about it, how many guys get an opportunity such as that? Absolutely no consequences to you! There's no way it'll be reported to the police, I'll see to that, I have just as much to risk if my wife calls the police to report it, because if you could then tell them that I got paid for letting you rape her!"
'Yer one sick fuck'n puppy! Ya have it all, money, good job, beautiful and faithful wife, yet ya wanna git yer jollies off by watch her gitting raped by a big black cock tearing her apart! But fuck, I's sure am happy to take ya up on that offer!' Hank thought to himself before replying in a skeptical manner "Well, ya make a good point there, that ya could get yerself into a whole lotta shit too if'n yer wife insists on reporting it to the cops! But damn, I's ain't ever raped a woman before! Ain't ever thought about it, but maybe because as ya say the consequences were always too fuck'n great that I's never contemplated it!"

Hank listened intently as the young punk began laying out the details of: their being on the cellphone as his wife prepares to go in for a shower; that when she does enter the master bath and closes the door, that's when he's to come to the front door and the punk would let him in; ropes would be ready to tie the punk up in a chair and gag him in the master bedroom; then he would wait for the punk's beautiful wife to come out of the master bath before grabbing her from behind. But then the punk tried to put in a condition, telling Hank that "You gotta wear a condom, I can't take a chance of you getting Cindy knocked up!"
Frowning and giving a look of disgust on his face, Hank then shook his head before advising "Three fuck'n grand and I's gotta use a fuck'n rubber? Ya gotta be shitt'n me! Ain't ever used a fuck'n rubber and don't even think I's can git off with one of those fuck'n things on! Nah, no deal, doesn't sound like fun any more at this point!"
That's when the punk came back with "Three grand with you using a condom, five without it! That extra two will be needed, just in case you knock her up and we have to take care of things!"
Acting rather reluctant, Hank finally agreed to the terms, but deep down he couldn't help but smirk in the fact that he got the sweet deal for 50% of what he was really willing to come up with to rape that beautiful blond bitch of his.

That next Friday night came the big event, with Hank sitting out in his car parked at curb in front of the young couple's home, his cell phone rang and Hank was treated to a shot of the blond beauty wearing a beige bra and gathering her nightwear before heading into the shower. Hank's cock lurched in his pants at the sight of the beautiful young blond and he knew for sure that he'd be needing to come up with an additional two grand on top of what the punk already had gotten. 'Fuck, ain't no way's I's cumming in a rubber, gonna fuck that beautiful bitch bareback and cum in that tight little cunt of hers! Yessiree, gonna do all's I's can to knock that beautiful bitch up!' he told himself.
When the screen showed her entering the bathroom and the door closing, Hank got out of his car and made his way up to the front door when the young punk was already waiting for him, telling him "I've got the ropes ready in the bedroom! Tie me up good and gag me so it'll look good! I'll just say later that you hit me over the head from behind and I came to in the chair gagged and tied up. "Remember, you're not to hurt her!" the punk told him, to which Hank wanted to laugh aloud as he thought 'What a fuck'n piece of shit! Don't hurt her! Fuck, don't hurt her but he wants me to rape her so he can git his fuck'n jollies off! He think it ain't gonna hurt when I's go and shove my black meat up her tight little snatch, boning her with a cock twice the size that she's her had! Whadda fuck'n idiot!'
Once he got the punk tied up nice and tight with a gag securely in his mouth, Hank chuckled as nothing had ever been said of how the punk was to be seen by his beautiful wife while in the chair, and thus he told the punk "Here, let's make it a scene yer purty wife won't ever be able to fergit, one that she'll think I did on purpose to humiliate you in front of her!"
Going to the front of the chair, Hank then undid the stunned punk's belt and undid the front of his pants, then with the zipper pulled down he pulled the punk's pants and jockeys on down his legs till they rested on the ropes securing his legs together. The squirming and muffled protest from the punk only made Hank chuckle.
"Ya know yer gonna git a rise in seeing yer beautiful wife git raped, no sense ya being uncomfortable with that rock in yer pants!" Hank laughed as the punk, unable to speak due to the rag stuffed in his mouth to make it look good, was wide-eyed as he shook his head 'no' that he didn't want his pants down around his knees and his boner exposed for his wife to see!

Under the spray of a nice hot shower, Cindy rubbed the soapy washcloth over her body, feeling so relaxed as she cleansed herself and got ready for bed. Little did she know what was being prepared for her once she got out of the shower, all instigated by that louse she had for a husband, all because of his demented fetish in seeing a big black bastard raping her against her will. Stepping out of the shower, she then dried herself with a soft fluffy towel, then reached for her fresh pair of panties. Stepping into her lacy white panties, she pulled them up her legs and into place, then reached for her flannel pajama top. Pajama top on and buttoned, Cindy then reach for her matching pajama pants and proceeded to put them on, preparing for bed as she did each night. As she opened the bathroom door, stepping but looking back to flick the light switch, Cindy turned and was stunned to see her husband sitting in the armchair in the corner of the room with his mouth gagged and abound by a rope.
But before her mind could process it all as to what was happening, a large hand had come from behind to clamp tightly over her mouth, and the large arm coming around the left side of her body had Cindy tightly secured by an unseen intruder who was now dragging her over to the large king-sized bed. Trying to struggle to get herself free, everything happened in a flash and the next thing Cindy came to realize was that ropes were binding both her wrists and the bindings were being pulled tight so that her arms were widespread above her head as her fingers were touching the corners of the headboard. Cindy's eyes widened in absolute horror with the big black intruder reached forward towards her, grasping the lapels of her pajama top in both hands, then the thick white buttons were flying in all directions as her breast were suddenly bared.
"Please, please, no!" Cindy sobbed as the bastard's large black hands were now touching her, hands widespread and move up her body till his thick thumbs were touching her sensitive pink nipples. Closing her eyes, feeling so ashamed as the black intruder had grasp both of her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and pulling at them, to which her nipples responded against her wishes.
"Ow, oh! she grimmaced as each of her nipples were pulled and stretched once again, this time by the bastard's sharp teeth.

When the black intruder moved on down the bed, attempting to pry her legs apart, Cindy fought as best she could to prevent it from happening by kicking out at him. To her dismay, her attacker merely laughed at her plight and the fight she was putting up, then his large calloused hands were clamped around her ankles, her struggle to pull her legs from the strong grip proved useless as her legs were slowly being spread apart. Wider and wider her legs were being pulled apart by the strong hands that were now up at the inside of her knees. Then Cindy's eyes widened in complete horror as she felt the bastard's hot breath on her sex, causing her to pant "No, what are you doing?"
And as it continued with his breather getting even hotter, signalling his nearness to her sex, Cindy pleaded "Don't, stop, don't do that! Please, please stop, please!" "Argh!" she shuddered in horror as the bastard went and clamped his hot mouth upon her, snaked his thick tongue up into her now juicing slit.
"Oh no!" Cindy cried out as her body convulsed and shuddered from an unwanted orgasm.

Blinking her eyes, mind becoming rational once again after that mind-shattering climax, Cindy shuddered to see her assailant now looming above her. Then she felt some movement between their bodies, and Cindy tensed up upon realizing that the bastard was in the process of fitting his 'thing' into her sex, causing her to struggle against her bindings to avoid this horrible rape. "No, please, please don't rape me, please, not in front of my husband!" she sobbed out, pleading with her attacker.
Then the bastard lowered his head next to hers, whispering in her ear "Lookit yer hubby! I's think he's enjoying this, wants to see me raping his beautiful wife! Think I's kidding? lookit that fuck'n hardon he's sporting!"
Blinking back the tears, turning her head to look across the room, Cindy nearly gasped aloud at the sight of her husband sitting tied in the chair with an unbelievable erection that point straight up at the ceiling. Never had she seen Bob with such an erection, never up at a ninety degree angle, and it was evident that he was getting a rise at her expense but it made her furious as she thought 'He's got to be sick, getting his jollies while I'm being attacked, and about to be raped by a horrid black bastard! God, how could he be enjoying this? If this bastard get me pregnant, Bob will be the one taking care of the little bastard, or he'll be sorry, cause I'll tell everyone he had an erection watching!'

But now all attention went back to the horror at hand, with Cindy trying to pull herself up the bed some by using the bindings to pull on, for she was desperate to get away from the thick bone attempting to skewer itself up into her. Thick fleshy bulbhead firmly up against her sex and feeling both calloused hands clutching tightly upon her hips, panic set in as Cindy realize just what was about to happen, causing her to sob out "No, please, please don't rape me ,it's too big, it won't fit, your too big!"
STOP!" Cindy shrieked out as the bastard had shoved himself forward with all of his might, spearing his thick cock a good six inches up into her, stretching her cunny as never before. "Aie, stop, please, it hurts!" she whined on the bastard's partial withdrawal and second brutal thrust up into her, skewering several more inches of his thick log into her.
"No more, please, oh!" Cindy sobbed as the bastard withdrew some to thrust it back harder up into time after time till he was fully embedded as deep as possible, his short kinky hairs now intermingled with her golden fleece.

When his wife had looked over at him earlier, Bob had struggled purposely against his bonds to have her see and think that he was attempting to get free and to help her. He certainly wished that Hank hadn't gone and pulled his pants on down, for it certainly would not give Cindy the right impression, especially with his boner pointing upright at the ceiling. There was no way that his cock would go down on its own, not with the erotic black on white scene taking place on the bed, not unless he went and popped his load but that certainly would not be good should his wife witness it. Bob watched the scene intently, noticed that Cindy was no longer sobbing and pleading, just mewling some as Hank's monster black cock was like a log sawing in and out of his wife's widely stretched pussy. Bob was totally amazed that Cindy's cunt had actually stretched that wide to accommodate that monster, but the sight of her calve muscles tightening and her toes now curling, he realized that Hank's big cock was now getting to her. And then he observed his wife's petite body convulse and tremble, leg muscles absolutely tight and toes pointed, Bob heard her pant out "Oh, nooooooooo, ahhhh!"

With Hank now grunting loudly, cock buried to the hilt, it was apparent that those black balls were now unleashing all the hot cum deep in his wife's fertile womb. That did it for Bob as he lost it and a geyser of cum shot up two feet into the air before arching and splattering about on the bedroom carpeting.

In the throes of her mind-shattering orgasm, the words of the bastard atop of her took some time to sink in, that of him whispering in her ear "Lookit that hubby of yers, can't tell me he ain't turned on seeing me rape his beautiful wife!"

Blinking her eyes, trying to focus them, she look at the corner where Bob was tied up in the chair. One thing that she noticed was that her husband's penis was no longer straight upright, it was now tilting and wilting, and then Cindy observed exactly why the change as she observed a short spurt of cum being ejaculated out onto the bedroom carpet. Cindy was obviously upset with her husband, wondering 'How could he? How could he get so aroused watching me being raped by this black bastard? Does he really love me?'

Then her assailant was tauntingly asking of her "Ya like that bitch? Ya like the fucking I's gave ya? Want another good fucking like that, huh?"

"No, take it out, please take it out!" she sobbed out in response, for she could never bring herself to do that no matter how she had orgasmed, not in front of her husband witnessing it all.

Cindy shivered as the bastard atop of her began licking at her ear, whispering to her that "I's can tell ya liked it, liked it real good the way ya went and creamed on my cock! I's know ya's want it again but can't say so in front of yer hubby, so just signal that ya want it again by squeezing that cunny of yers around my cock! Squeeze it!"

On a Tuesday, some two months post the brutal rape in her home, Cindy looked at the paperwork in front of her but just could not concentrate on them. Closing her eyes, taking a deep breath to calm herself, Cindy was totally unnerved by the call she had gotten a bit earlier. Playing it back in her mind, she trembled in recalling that familiar male voice, using phrases that brought back memories of the night of her rape ...................................phrases that were heard by no one else as they had been whispered in her ear, phrases like "Squeeze my cock with yer cunny if ya want another good fucking!" "Gimme another squeeze if'n ya want it good and hard again!"
On that night of the rape, she had verbally answered with a distinct 'No' when he had taunted her in trying to get her to say 'yes' in front of her tied up husband, but having been fucked to a mind-shattering orgasm like never before had Cindy wanting to experience it once again. And so when he had whispered those phrases in her ear, it was a means of communicating without her husband being aware of what was happening, that she was squeezing upon her rapist cock in telling him that she indeed wanted another good fucking.
Then he had asked her to "Take off work this afternoon and we can go fuck in a motel! I'll give it to ya jist how ya like, good and hard!"
"No, I can't, I won't, I don't want to!" Cindy had stammered out before slamming the phone down, unable to get herself together again, especially as her cunny was pulsating and leaking into the crotch of her panties.

A half hour later, told that she had a call waiting, Cindy went behind the counter to get to the phone. She picked up the phone and swallowed deeply when that familiar male voice told her "Ya look so beautiful in that yellow dress and white heels! But ya'll look even more beautiful when I's strip ya naked and git in bed again!"
Hearing that, Cindy looked up towards the window as it was apparent that he was watching her from afar, then heard him say on the phone "Yeah, sweetie, I'm in the black SUV across the street!"
"What do you want?" she asked softly into the phone.
"Ya know what I's want, YOU! And I's know what ya's want, a good hard fucking! Tell'em yer not feeling well and need to go home and rest, git in my car and I's got a place waiting five minutes away, cause I's want git in that hot little pussy of yers, and I's gonna bang ya hard!"
Five minutes later, having told her coworkers that she was feeling ill and was going home to rest, Cindy trembled nervously as she exited the door and made her way across the street and got into the front seat of the black SUV, getting into the vehicle voluntarily, with the black bastard who had raped her in her home two months ago.

In the motel room, Hank pulled off his tee shirt and plopped himself down upon the bed before telling the trembling beauty "C'mon sweetie, gimme a nice show and undress fer me! Show me that beautiful bod of yers that's all hot fer some black luv'n!"
He smiled at the beauty as she reached to the back of her neck to undo the clasp of her dress and to get the zipper down some. Then reaching behind her back, the sound of the zipper being pulled down all the way could be heard by Hank, then seconds later the dress lay in a crumpled puddle around the 3" white heels that she wore. Hank licked at his lips at the sight of the blond beauty now in all white: heels, lacy white bra and matching panties.
"Now show me them titties that I luv'd sucking on!" he advised and watched as she reached back to unhook the clasp of her bra, then the straps were being pushed over her shoulder to bare her titties.
"Did ya like the way I bit and pulled at them nips of yer? Want me to do that again?" Hank asked of the trembling beauty, then saw her bite down on her bottom lip before nodding a 'yes' to him.
"Okay, now dem panties, show me that hot little cunt of yer! Show me that pussy that kept on squeezing my cock to tell me ya wanted another good fuck'n! Remember how ya went and squeezed me twice to tell me ya wanted it again, yer way of telling me without that hubby of yers knowing yer were wanting more that night?" he asked, watching her nod 'yes' once again.
"This time ya ain't jist gonna squeeze that pussy but yer gonna tell me how bad ya want it, ain't ya?" he asked, to which another 'yes' nod response came.

Heart thumping madly in her chest, Cindy could not believe that this was actually happening, that she had willingly come to this motel with the very bastard who had brutally raped her in her home some three months ago. "Now shows me that hot little pussy of yers!" Hank ordered.
The trembling young wife slowly moved her hands up to her hips, inserted her thumbs into the elastic waistband of her lacy white panties, then slowly worked the flimsy garment down over her trim hips. Panties now over her hips, Hank watched as the panting beauty let them go to slowly work themselves on down over her sexy white legs to become entangled around her ankles and heels. Wanting the bitch humiliated and shamed at her actions, Hank told her to "Reach up with hands and thumb those nipples fer me, gett'em nice and long fer me to suck on! Play with yerself, git it all nice and wet fer me, finger fuck that hot little twat of yers!"
Once he had her panting and in desperate need of a good fucking, Hank asked "Ya ever lick and suck cock before, sweetie?
As he had expected, the reply came with a shake of her head to tell him 'no'!
"Well, ya gonna have to git me up and ready fer ya, and that's by taking my cock in yer hot little mouth and making it git up nice and hard! So come and git it now if'n ya want it up that hot little twat of yers!" Hank advised. Seconds later, the panting bitch was now on the bed with him, working at getting the front of his camouflage pants on down so she could get to what she was after.

Heart thumping in her chest, Cindy was panting with nervousness at the thought of what she was about to do,something that she had always before considered to be a crude and immoral act, one that only a street whore would stoop to do just for money! But now what had been a horrid sex act was right at hand, more like 'in hand', as Cindy wrapped her manicured fingers around the throbbing base of the thick black muscle! Then it seemed as if it was no longer a muscle, for now it was rock solid, more like a round foot-long piece of solid mahogany wood, one that would certainly bruise and hurt if it's owner chose to smack her in the face with it! Trembling nervously, mouth watering as she stared at the thick fleshy bulb as it's pisshole flared wide to mesmerize her, Cindy then pumped and shucked at the thick base with her closed fist. Her eyes widened in astonishment as her fisting efforts brought about a result that Cindy had not been expecting, that of the thick pearly drop of fluid appearing atop of the thick flaring dome! Then, what would have been totally unthinkable less than an hour ago, Cindy went and licked up the pearly goo drop with the tip of her tongue before spreading it about in her mouth to savor male essence.

With the taste of pre-cum in her mouth, Cindy stared at the menacing fuck-stick in her hand as she continued pumping on it, amazed at the size and strength of it. There it was, right in her hand as she just could not take her eyes off of it nor stop her shucking of it, then her mind came the thought 'Are you crazy? What in the hell are you doing, you're actually now holding and admiring the filthy 'thing'!'
But that was the end of her rational thoughts as Cindy opened her mouth as wide as possible as her head descended down onto the monstrosity. It was like trying to fit an entire plum into her mouth at one time, with her top front teeth scraping at the thick flange of the throbbing cock while her bottom front scraped up along the sticky underside. Cindy heard groan some at that point when her teeth scraped him, then heard a loud groan of pleasure as she wiggled the tip of her tongue up against his flaring pisshole. As she began bobbing her head with her watering mouth sliding up and down some five inches of the bloated meat, all while continuing to shuck at it with her clenched fist, Cindy then felt him arching up to fuck more of his cock into her mouth.

Knowing that the horny bitch needed a good fucking, Hank figured that having her first cock popping in her mouth could wait till later, till after he greased up that hot little pussy of hers. "Oh, sweetie, better ease on up or I's gonna pop off in the hot little mouth of yers!" Hank warned.
But to Hank's surprise, the bitch seemed mesmerized at performing the task in hand, and mouth, for she was bobbing her head up and down his sensitive cock with earnest! Fingers of both his hands entwined themselves in her silky blond hair as Hank pulled her head up and off his erection, telling her "If'n ya want it up that twat of yers, git over on yer back and spread yer sexy legs wide fer me!"
Never had Hank seen a bitch move so quickly to get herself fucked as was one her back in a flash, her legs up high as she held the back of her calves to keep them widespread, far different from that first time when he had to force her legs apart while she kicked out at him. His hands at the back of her ivory white thighs, Hank licked as his lips as he gazed down upon the golden fleece that held its treasure below, then bent on down while still holding her thighs apart. "Yes, I want it again!" she pleaded with him.
Cindy panted as the bastard who had raped her months ago now had scooted up and shucking at his monstrous cock, letting his bloated cockhead bump up against her sex as he pumped it ready. She shivered in anticipation when the bloated cockhead was rubbed up and down the length of her slit, wanting so desperately for it to penetrate and skewer into her, had Cindy panting out "Do it, put it in!"
But the teasing continued on till Cindy screamed out "Damn it, FUCK ME, you black bastard!"
" YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, FUCK MEEEEE!" Cindy screamed out as six thick inches into her clasping cunny.
"YES, oh, so big, oh, so good, yes, fuck me good and hard!" Cindy panted out as Hank rammed it right on up her clasping cunt, with now the loud squishing sounds gave evidence to the kind of fucking taking place on the bed.


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Hank could not believe the change taking place over just the past few months when he had raped this beautiful bitch in front of her husband, with her sobbing and crying as he defiled her before her supposedly loving husband. On that occasion she had begged an pleaded with him to put on a condom, sobbed and wept in shame when he shot his cum in her, but this time there was no mention of him needing to put on such protection. With her legs still upright and spread wide, her wet and widened cunny allowed his foot-long dong to slide right on up her slick sleeve that immediately clasped tightly around his rock solid boner. Raising his butt on up till only the helmet of his cockhead remained captured in her cunny, Hank then rammed it up hard into her, something that the bitch obviously loved as she squealed out "Yes, fuck me hard!"
Then came her plea for him to "Harder, ram that big black cock up into me!"
And Hank aimed to please her, raising up time and time again to slam it back home, thrusting into the bitch as hard as he could and then asking "How's that, bitch?"
"Yes, yes, give it to me harder!" he heard her respond, which had Hank rearing back to give her exactly what she asked for.

When the bitch he was fucking squealed out in a mind-shattering orgasm, Hank's nuts popped and he unleashed his hot roe deep in her fertile womb, then he felt her long sexy legs being wrapped tightly around his black ass. With each spurt of cum out of his cock, Hank felt the bitch's legs squeezing around him as if she was trying to squeeze even more cum out of him and into her.
'Damn, this is one hot little bitch! Guess I's went and turned her on to black dick up her hot little cunny! How scared she was that I was gonna knock her up without the use of a condom that last time, and this time she gave it no thought at all!' he surmised.
Finally Hank's spurting came to an end and the soft petite body beneath him relaxed as she began to drift back down to earth after skyrocketing into outer space with a mind-shattering orgasm. Then the leg-tie around his ass slackened and now her legs were draped over the back of his thighs.

A half hour later, with Hank still dozing atop and in the sexy blond beauty, he awoke at the feel of her tight little cunny squeezing upon his meat.
It was an unspoken language between the two of them, one that began that night of him raping her with her husband watching while tied up in the corner. After he had make her scream out in her mind-shattering orgasm, he had known it was the best orgasm she had ever experienced in her life and was now wanting of another good fucking. That night, Hank had whispered in her ear to "Squeeze yer tight little cunt around my cock if'n ya's want another good fucking!" And that squeeze came immediately on his dong inside of her, to which Hank whispered "Squeeze me twice if'n ya want me to hump ya real hard!" And two quick tight squeezes came right away, to with Hank had responded by withdrawing a good ten inches before slamming it back home, then the second shagging of the blond beauty commenced while her husband watched in the corner of the bedroom.

On the 4:30 train ride home, having had to rush to the station and just making her train, Cindy sat in a chair and panted in nervousness as she reflected on the afternoon events. Mouth watering, she ran the tip of her tongue over her lips and corners of her mouth, then pursed her lips together to be certain they were clean of any incriminating evidence. She then got her compact out of her purse and opened it up to use the mirror, making sure she looked presentable when she got off the train and got into her husband's waiting car. Cindy breathed a sigh of relief as she got out her lipstick to apply to her lips, telling herself that she must be certain that it was just brief touch touch of a kiss that she gave her husband on this day. It would certainly not be good if Bob detected any missed splotches of dried cum on her lips or chin, much less the fresh taste of the rather slick and salty taste of male in remained in her mouth. She had tried to swallow it all but the spurting cock had kept on spurting, causing her to nearly choke on it as some ran out of her mouth and down her chin, to which she had cupped her right hand under her chin to keep the overflow from soiling the front of her dress.

Clenching her thighs tightly together, Cindy squeezed her cunny tight to keep the thick wad of cum in and not ooze on out of her well-fucked twat and into the crotch of her already wet panties. Having gotten dressed, minus her panties which was told to use to clean off his cock or such on it with all the muck glistening on it, she had wiped it in order to perform her very first blowjob to completion. Crotch of her panties used to wipe the drooling cock clean, she had then gone down on it as he had wanted, down on her knees while dressed in her nice outfit and heel, looking up at him as she performed the task. Feeling his thick fingers in her hair and hearing his moan of pleasure, Cindy knew that she was obviously pleasing him with her lips and tongue, especially each time that she flicked the tip of her tongue over the bloated head and delved into the flaring pisshole. And when he was on the verge of cumming in her mouth, Cindy found herself being face-fucked as now his grip on her hair made it impossible to pull away if she wanted to. Then the cock was rammed all the way down her throat with her nose being rubbed in the short wiry curls, Cindy felt the hot goo coursing down her innards to form a lake in her belly. And when he pulled on out to give her the last few spurts, she nearly choked and had to catch the overflow in the palm of her hand.

Leaning back in her chair and closing her eyes, Cindy's mind flashed back to the events of the afternoon, how she had skyrocketed into outer space by the big black log sawing in and out of her cunny. Cindy shivered at the recollection of how crazy that big cock made her beg! She then bit her bottom lip upon recalling how he pumped away at her while groaning loudly that he was "Gonna cum in ya bitch, gonna make that trim belly of yers all bloated up in the next nine months, cause I's gonna knock ya up good!"
The response she had given to that was both physically by locking her ankles together and pulling the black bastard even deeper into her clasping cunt, and vocally by crying out "Do it, cum in me, shoot it, knock me up with your little black bastard!"
And then it came, the hot cum popping out of his black walnuts and flooding her fertile womb, making her cry out "Oh, yes, oh, so hot, your cum is so hot!"

After that fantastic fuck, Cindy had passed out from exhaustion and that unbelievable orgasm, her legs and arms still embracing the big black fucker who still remained on and in her. Awaking first, she used her clasping cunt to communicate her need for another good fucking, and that commenced immediately when she felt his thick cock lurch awake in response to her squeezing upon it. And boy did she get herself another good fucking, one equal to match that of the first that day. Then Cindy saw the time and realized that she only had a half hour to get to the train station to make it home on time, afraid of being late and missing it as Bob would be waiting for her at the home depot. But as she picked up her panties to put them on, it was grasped out of her hand and being used by to bastard to wipe his cock dry. Dressed minus her panties, Cindy slipped on her heels and then strong hands were upon the top of her shoulders and being pushed to her knees and being ordered to "Suck me, bitch! Suck me off!"
"But there's no time, I need to get to the train station soon!" she pleaded.
"Well, hurry the fuck up and start sucking!" she was told. Recalling how she had brought him off, Cindy felt her stomach churn at the thought of how much of it was in her belly at that very instant.

Getting off the train and making her way to where Bob would normally wait for her, Cindy wondered as to what lie would be best to use to tell her husband that she would be out on Friday night.
Before being dropped off to catch the train, she had been told "Friday after you git off work, I'll pick ya up and I's gonna give ya a real special fuck! Yeah, a real special one, cause I's gonna fuck that beautiful cherry ass of yers! And ya know what yer gonna do after that?"
Eyes wide with fear, she had shaken her head 'no' and was then told "Yer gonna suck it clean right after I's fuck that purty ass of yers!"
Cringing with disgust at the thought of doing such a filthy thing, Cindy knew that she would let him do whatever he wanted with her, so long as he gave her a good fucking after that! After getting into her husband's car and giving him a kiss with her pursed lips, her worries for Friday night disappeared when Bob advised "I'm gonna be out late with the guys Friday night as one of them won the office pool for most sales in a month's time!"
And that's when she told her husband "Perfect as I was hoping to get out with the gals in the office after work that night and take a cab home!"

Unbeknownst to Cindy, right after getting out of the car and rushing to make the train, Bob had gotten a call on his cell phone and that had him coming up with an excuse to be out that Friday night. When her husband had answered his phone, Bob heard "Hey, my friend, this is Hank! I'd sure like to make back some of the $5 grand that I coughed up to ya! Not that yer beautiful wife wasn't worth every penny of it! But gimme a shot of making some back! Come on over after work on Friday and I's promise a fantastic night of entertainment! All fer five hundred bucks, includes all the drinks, and I's tell ya what, if'n ya ain't satisfied by the end of the night, I's refund yer money! And as ya've already seen, my word is good in paying on up! So whadda say!"
This was a deal Bob couldn't pass on up and so he agreed to be there and have the five hundred with him, wondering just what kind of entertainment could be in store for him.

Hank smiled widely, knowing that Bob Regan would certainly not be asking for his money back, not with what he had concocted for that night's entertainment for the whiteboy. In the upstairs was a plush bedroom with one wall totally mirrored, or so it would seem to be a mirror to the person inside the bedroom, but it was a two-way glass on the other side for anyone watching the events unfold in the bedroom. On that other side would be Bob Regan and he'd get to witness Hank enter with that beautiful wife of his. Hank planned on getting the hot little bitch naked save for her heels, have her on all fours a few feet from the mirrored wall, and the punk could have a ringside seat in seeing his beautiful wife get it up the ass for the very first time in her life. Hank chuckled at what he told the bitch would happen next, for he'd have her on her knees cleaning up his shitty cock right in front of the mirror, all while hubby watched. Hank then planned on making more bucks that night, sending her to get cleaned up and dressed up once again, that he'd be back in fifteen minutes, only he be coming back with the first of three johns she'd be servicing that evening, all big black bucks,and all well hung!