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Dear sir,

I’m an avid reader of your blog and I enjoy reading just about every article you post, even though I don’t agree with some of them.

I and my wife have been indulging in our private fantasy for some years now. My wife, Shelby, prefers ‘sharing’ herself with me and her black bull. What I mean is she likes it when I fuck her after they’ve done cumming inside her. I enjoy it too: the wetness and looseness of her pussy, it feels so good when my cock slides inside her and then when I too cum inside her, she has a second orgasm that way.

Shelby and I met her current boyfriend, Kanu (he’s a college student from one West African country, I forget which) in a night club. How it happened was that one as weekend we felt bored being at home and she came up with the idea of us going out and having some fun. Usually I get excited when she says this ‘cos Shelby is most times a submissive creature and only becomes dominant when sex is on her mind and that usually gets me hard. We decided on the club since it had been a while we went there. We got dressed and waited for it to grow dark before leaving. Anyway the evening got dark and that was when we left fior the club. Lots of young people were there and lots of black men too. I kept whispering in my wife’s ear that there’s every chance she might score tonight.

It took a while before she ran into Kanu. Apparently he had arrived there with another date, but it seemed she had stiffed him and left with someone else. He came by the bar and that was when we met; I introduced him to Shelby and she sort of liked him almost instantly. We had a few drinks and he had a dance with Shelby. She returned looking flush with excitement; it has been a while since I met anyone make her glow the way she was that night, I tell you. I took her aside and asked her what she wanted to do. Shelby is usually blunt when it comes to this, and she told me right away that she wanted us to take him home. She went off to the ladies’ room while I talked with Kanu about spending the night with us; Shelby prefers being away whenever I get to lay things down with her future BFs, so she left us and went to find the ladies room while Kanu and I talked. He seemed like a nice-enough fellow and he never gave me any bad questions. My guess later was that this wasn't his first time of doing this because he was so calm when I talked about wanting him to cum inside my wife's cunt and if possible let me eat his cum out her pussy when he was done. By the time my wife returned we were laughing and sipping our drinks as if we were old friends. Shelby came and sat beside him and they flirted all the time.

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