Hubby's Fantasy Backfires

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    I'm 37 and have been married 5 years and my husband has always had a problem with premature ejaculation, it wasn't that bad when we first got together, but has gotten to the point over the last 2 years where he can't 'thrust' (go in and out) more than two or three times before he cums.
    I'd had lovers before who did not have this problem and I was able to have regular vaginal orgasms during sex and even occasional multiple orgasms.
    I've never had an orgasm during intercourse with my husband.

    That's the background.

    He is aware of his problem and sometime over the last year he has developed this 'fetish' of asking me about previous lovers during sex. I resisted talking about them, but I found that he became very excited when I gave in and would tell him a story from college or something, it even seemed to improve his erection strength which he struggles with since he is fairly large down there.
    This fetish grew and grew, though he only seemed to bring it up when we were having sex or he was really aroused.
    Eventually we were 'role' playing with toys, always at his insistence pretending they were other men. I thought it was harmless until he began mentioning one of his friends repeatedly, wanting me to pretend I was having sex with him. This friend happens to be a very handsome, black man.

    I felt my resistance 'broken down' over the year or so of this constant fantasy of me having sex with another man. Yes I sometimes thought of previous lovers who were really good, but I never would've sought them out or dreamed of acting on it.

    Long story short, my husband had his black friend come over and set it up where we were all hanging out and he kept trying to get me to dance with his friend or sit on his lap.
    I resisted and we got in a big fight over it. I felt bad and prudish for not being more liberated, though deep down I knew what he was wanting me to do wasn't right.
    He kept setting these 'hang outs' over a few months and finally one night I had drank enough or was just in someway tired of being pestered, I gave in.
    I had sex with his friend while he watched us. I was very nervous at first, but thought, "what the hell, if this is what he wants, then so be it". But when he took out his huge black cock and I saw it I became uncontrollably excited and couldn't wait to start fucking him. Needless to say it was the best sex I have ever had. The feeling of being totally filled by this massive black prick was unbelievable and I came several times before my husband's friend filled me with his creamy load.

    Now my husband is unhappy because his friend was able to fuck me non-stop for more than half an hour and was able to make me cum over and over. He now accuses me of sneaking around and fucking his friend when he's not home.

    He asked for it, and now that I have experienced black cock, I want it all the time. So maybe I will start seeing his friend and they can both get what they deserve!

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    Be careful of what you wish for!! Minute man played himself!!!!
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    By the look on your face you sure enjoyed it and you should carry on enjoying it no matter what your husband says.
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    The odd part is, its because our wive's fuck black guys that we have premature ejaculations. Sticking our cock in her pussy where you know a black cock was in recently makes us blow our loads too soon....I have to think of something other than that or I'm no good at all to her!!!!
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    I have hinted i am interested in IR for a few years now and recnelty found pics of her that I havent said anything about yet. I can tell in the pics she is very sexually aroused and obiedient of their requests seeing things she hasn't done with me. I dont think he can blame you I don't blame myself and you do not seem very sexually satsfied with your hubby. I think you might have to accept the fact that your husband's friend turned you :)

    Second helpings sound like whats on the menu keep us posted :)
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    exactly my problem with my hot wife
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    Keep on enjoying the BBC u will have to keep those awesome fucking sessions up!!! Husbands beware.... BBC is addictive
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