hubby looking to have wife seduced

I have the same ideas
But I was thinking for my wife I take out to club and get her drunk on tequila and have a couple guys already there at club and when I thi the time is right I pretend we are old friends and we get my wife more tequila and the start flirting with her at our table and they saduce her in front of me we then all drive to my house together and on the way they start kissing her and playing with her tits and pussy on the way to my house and we get in the house we have a few more drinks and then I wan to take pictures and videos of the two guys fucking her all night long and after there done I will fuck my wife and the will take pictures and videos of me fucking my wife
We live in the Seattle Washington area
Hope this helps
Need help with wife. She gets very turned on when I bring up sharing her but she just want yet. Any ideas. Help View attachment 625994 [/Q