how we got started....up to this past Friday


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Yeah, I hear ya man. I had been married before. Even though I had Cuckold fantasies for years, being cheated on and left by my wife hurt dearly.

So, with Amber, is different. It started with me finding Gay Porn on her ipad. LoL. She said Gay sex turned her on. I was caution about even mentioning that I had sucked cock and been fucked and loved it. Because she had caught her ex-husband having sex with another man. It turns out we understood and had tge,same feelings about the differences between cheating and cuckolding (although didn't call it that), or consensual sex with others. BIG difference.

Anyhow, she had told me during foreplay, about her fantasy of having me tie her up, blindfold her, and have another guy fuck her while I watch.

So, I made it happen. And we both loved it. We did it several times. The first time was SO quick. But it was enough to do more.

Finally she asked if I had ever done anything with men before. I sent her a couple pics of me sucking cock. She was totally turned on. I can't tell u how my heart was pounding as I waited for a response to THAT text. LoL.

After awhile she said she wanted to watch me suck cock and get fucked. So we placed an Adult friend finder profile and screened some guys. She actually made the profile. And picked the guys. LoL. Usually it's been me doing the looking and finding.

Anyhow, she was on a mission to find some cock to share. And we did. We had two guys come about a week apart. I sucked them both, they fucked me, and finished by fucking her and cumming in her. These guys weren't 100% bi. In other words, they would let a guy suck them, and even fuck the guy some, but mostly wanted her pussy. But that was cool. I was shocked at how into the gay sex part she was. Telling them to fuck me harder.

Anyhow. At one point she wanted to go to the gay bars together. To find me some guys. We went to a gay bar here in town together. Me, as the Gay guy, and she would be my best friend/faghag into gay guys. First night there, it didn't take too long before we were in a back room/dressing room with her sitting on a counter getting her pussy eatin, and me on my knees sucking a well hung hard cock off. Me making out with the guy all night and her telling us both how hot it was. We actually hooked back up with this guy again, and he asked me out. LoL. She had the nerve to tell me I should accept!

In the meantime we had some BBC guys come fuck her, while blindfolded. They were her first ever black men she had fucked. Ever. And she never saw them, except in the videos I took. She was blindfolded the whole time. But she loved it.

I have to be honest, the first BBC guy that fucked her....I was excited and nervous, but felt a sense of shame and humiliation afterwards. She loved it I mean absofuckinglutly loved it said she wanted more (its even in the video), and the way she moaned and screamed, I had not heard before, and I knew there was NO way I could do. I had to come to accept that.

So, we/she have kinda gotten into the BBC thing. The interracial sex. Is it exclusive? No, there have been a few white guys, but by far she has had more Big Black Cock than any other.

So this brings us to this past Friday night. It's obvious she likes to be a slut. She enjoys me watching her get fucked. Likes it. Enjoys it. And I like watching her getting fucked and eating the creampies afterwards (I didn't really mention it earlier, but she's not really into cum in her her pussy, loves it. Mouth, no. Me, I love it. I love sucking cock, and the taste of most men's cum, and her cum filled pussy was the first creampie I had ever tasted. And I am hooked. So everytime a guy fucks her, and cums in her pussy, I eat it out).

So this past friday, after a rough work week, I got some liquor on the way home. We were kid free as the kids were at her parents for the weekend. We both were getting pretty drunk watching Baseball. Then the dirty talk started. She was horny as fuck. Talking about the gay sex, the other guys fucking her and me watching, blah, blah. We were fucking in no time. It wasn't long before I was online looking for some BBC for her, because she had mentioned it. By by the time. Had her upstairs and bent over, I had picked the BBC, and showed her the picture of the guys cock. She was horned and wanted it I was texting him, gave him instructions to get there. We were still playing, and waiting in anticipation, and she asked if she could remain unblindfolded this time (of course!). I was a bit surprised. Then she asked about kissing. We had had a no kissing rule, except me kissing other guys, during gay sex. The one exception was when she was drunk at the gay bar and picking up a guy, she was kissing him pretty heavily. LoL. I personally don't mind. Makes it hotter. I think at the beginning she was thinking we were going to have a swinger type relationship but eventually she told me she just wasn't comfortable with me with another woman. Other men she's fine with. She can't explain it. I told her I understand. It will be cock only for us both. LoL.

So Friday night, she got some Big Black Cock, while I watched them fuck, and make out, and everything. She had told me she wanted me to wait at the side of the bed while I watched and stoke my cock. She wanted to be able to glance over every once and awhile and see me hard, stroking myself, turned on by her getting fucked by another man, especially one with a huge black cock. So I did. And afterward, when he left, she laid back and told me to come eat her pussy. So I did. And I lived it. And she told me all about how she loved his big black cock, how huge it was, how much bigger he is than me, how she wants him to come fuck her again, and me watch, how she wants to ride his cock, how much of a good cuckold iwas, standing there waiting my turn, AND....and this is the shocker, how after the next time she wants his phone number so he can come fuck her when I'm not at home! How hot that will be, and how mixed my emotions will be, but when I come home and see and eat that creampie and fuck her after he will be all worth it!