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How to introduce yourself as a cuck?

As a cuck who is searching for his cuckoldress, how do you meet her, and how do you greet her? :) "Hello, I want to be with you, but I also want to see you be with others. And, I will remain faithful, but you could sleep with anyone you want to, preferably big black guys" :)

A paradox, but still.. Anyone got some tips on cuckold / cuckoldress dating?
I want the same thing, but it looks like the wrong venue to find a white lady here. It looks like it is better to find her elsewhere and then bring up the subject.
I agree with you Virginia, but how can I tell if she is likely to be into this or not? I do not want to lead anyone on. Most of my past relationships have been Femdom relationships, since I am into the environment and since I am a long time submissive. Women that are into Femdom are often more open minded and "liberated" than other vanilla people, but even in the bdsm lifestyle, most women here in Norway do not want to consider cuckolding. Maybe its the weather here in Oslo, or the lack of black guys :)