how to get my gf interested?

Ok so I've always wanted to see my gf get fucked by a huge black dick well she says that she's not atrackted to black men, but my she told me she's never had an orgasm ever and once she said it is a proven fact that once u go black u don't go back what can I say to her? She's 19 yo tall skinny cept some baby weight really white black hair glasses very small butt.
ok so here is some advise this worked with my wife when she was 19 yrs . when you are fucking her not making love , keep telling her how sexy she is and how you have noticed other men looking at her when you are out . when she starts to responde to you , introduce the thought into her head what another man would feel like right now fucking her ! take it slowly she will come round . my wife did and now fucks other men when she wants
what worked for us was we started watchin IR porn while having sex and it always had a black guy with a massive dick, then came the black dildo a small one at first just 6-7 inches..........we now have 3!! The Lex Steele dildo and a vibrating Omar one, both of which are 9-10 inches. We roleplay while using them and watchin IR porn and we both get off on the fantasy a lot!! Hopefully next step will be a real one!!

Further to that i cant even walk past a black guy now without wondering how big is dick is lol
My wife was interested in a third but we discussed it being a black guy and she put her foot down. She knows its a big fantasy of mine but I just left it didnt pressure it and let the idea of a third build. She recently switched jobs and now works in a black dominated bakery. Ayear has gone by and I recently found some emails suggesting she has warmed to the idea ;). I found out after asking her she went looking.

The next time I brought i up that I pointed out how big a step it was and why shud color matter. I just wanted her to see what was on offer. I pulled out some of my best IR links black guys with truley massive cocks and she was mesmorized. Between that and her job I know thru the emails Ive seen its only a matter of time before i "catch her" being stuffed. I've seen some pictures in her email she knows i have access and that its my fantasy to find her giving in to her lust.

I am thinking of introducing a BAM dildo next and seeing where I go from there :)
I dont know but I debated what to show her because my gf is fully aware of what content is out there she just hasn't gone looking. I was also willing to put it aside because I love my gf. She confessed she had gone searching after I mentioned it and showed me just some really basic gifs mainly of white girls sucking large black cock.

I picked out one of the best clips I had. I would post it up but I believe they take hyperlinks out. Its of an asian girl taking on two 10+ inch bulls. I will never forget my gf's eyes when she saw them pull their dicks out. As they started to grow hard i could feel the light come on inside of her as she said "omg they are still getting bigger".

Just tread lightly and play a long game I would say. Getting pushy in the bedroom can often backfire if your with someone a bit more hesiitant. Just introduce the idea and let it simmer then throw something into the pot every now and then to keep it cooking.
one additional thing is to take her so sporting events such as football and basketball where Black Men reign Supreme. Take her also to boxing and mixed martial arts events. it has been my experience that white girls really get turned on by a Black Man beating up a white boy.