How Do I Get My Wife To Try BBC?

Make sure that's what she wants First.Then bring home some ir porn and see if there's any interrest.After that, tell her it's your fantasy to see her with a blackguy.
Try This

I've been trying to make this happen for some time now. I have dreams about it; even if I don't, I make up a dream just so I can tell her about it. She likes hearing about my made up dreams of her and some black guy having a romantic sexual affair on her husband (Me).
Try making up a dream and telling her about it. Gage her reaction to your dream. Ask her what she thinks your dream means?
We took a recent trip to the DC area, and my wife and I were sitting on a bench watching people walk by, she said to me that she definately finds black men more atractive then white men. I of course kept this going for awhile by asking her to point out the guys she would like to explore further.
She pointed out all black guys. I asked her what that means? She said it's all about where you live and who you get to know. She just never had the opportunity to date black men where we live. But she does prefer black men! That's a start!


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When my wife and I first started dating, she saw my porn collection and said she wasnt into "bbc".

Well, we started swinging, first just spontaneous at ABS...and she sucked a few black cocks.

Finally, one day we had a lghter skinned BBC email us with a huge cock, which got my wifes interest...well, he turned out to know how to use it too.....and she has slowly gotten into dark skinned BBC's....... weve only had great experiences with BBC's, btw.....always polite, clean, well endowed and really know how to fuck her. I get off on seeing a huge cock inside her body, shes more about "how its used".....

So, let it happen organically....eventually she will come around/curiousity will get her....all women are curious, she is probably worried more about how you will feel about her. Think about it.
Start by getting her a black dildo and tell her how the contrast in color is really hot and sexy for her. Then start with some movies that have just 1 or 2 interracial scenes. Next, use the black dildo while you are watching an interracial scene. This will get her thinking about having more than just a black dildo. If you can get this far then you are half way there. Next buy movies with mostly interracial scenes and tell her that you noticed she is really getting into the black dildo when an interracial scene is on. Make sure you get her to admit it too! If she admits she gets into it while watching interracial porn then you got her in the bag. After a few weeks of this ask her if she'd really want a black cock and not just a dildo. I don't think she'd hesitate at that point!

Good Luck!

If you do send me some pics @
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Giving this a go.... and remembering that it is a mix of techniques and methods that will get you there from loving whispers to her begining using a big black vibrator with you licking her pussy whilst you use it on her and making up fantasy scenerios as you go.

Good luck in your quest friend it is almost a unique wish to carry it forward to its conclusion and takes only the brave and able hearted.
Let her know that you are ok with her taking some of this black dick
wife never been with BBC before, we have talks about it before, no one got mad, now I need 2 get her into a place that got a lots of bull, get her thank about BBC, u know once u start thank it over, that the way it is with anything, thank get u in trouble{R FUCK}
I started my wife thinking about it 8 years ago and now I have her almost black only. She was very hesitant at 1st but I kept reassuring her of my love and my desire and she finally opened to the idea. Now she gets excited when we begin searching for a new bull.
hey, KIM here, petty much the way ROY start me off, first came videos, in time it came black on us whitegals, black toys came 2, ROY didn't know this, the videos already put it in my head, but I didn't how 2 go about his, in time ROY ASK ME IF I LIKE 2 TRY ONE, I SAID HELL NO, a few month with by & he ask me again, I said I not for got about it, I ask if all black guys that big, ROY said don't think so, I said if I do it, I want a big one, he ask how big, I said like in the videos, he ask 10" & up. I said up, ROY eyes open very wide & said WOW, with in min. ROY was on the computer place & ads out on me,it said HOT BITCH in heat, BBC ONLY, the most she every had is 8", it was a toy, WANT 10" & UP,, that night I got around ten e=mail on this, the next day it was 50--75 e-mail, with in 2-3 week I pick one out, he was about 15 miles from me, on a Friday about 6pm he came over 2 our house, I cook for him & ROY, ABOUT HALF WAY IN THE MEAL ROY ASK ME 2 TAKE MY DRESS OFF FOR HIM, that was embarrass for me, but I did it, I start clean thing up the BBC said let ROY do that, HE SAID LET GO 2 THE BED ROOM, it didn't take 5 second 2 get undress, I got a big surprise I every had in my life, it look two feet long, it was big around as a beer can, I try 2 suck on it, but it was way 2 big, e lay me on the bed & got between my long legs,i was already sob wet , I never been this excite in my life before, i know this BBC was gone kill me with that big dick he had, for sure he was 2 time long & maybe 4-5 big around, he was rub it over her & I was try 2 spread my legs wide, he said don't b scare, , u r the right type of woman for this, slim & tall , with second he put about 6-- 8 in me, I was scream like hell, I was breather so fast & hard, he pull out very low, I love that part, but u know it came back in, for sure this was my first time I every got fuck like this, the bbc with home the next sunday, for 2 1/2 day I fuck this BBC, ROY don' know this , but i'm still fuck him, I guess I need 2 invite him back over for ROY can see it, today I got a 2
--3" gap between my legs now,with from 108bs 2 117lbs, tits was 34, now 34bb, ass got big so do u think I can goback 2 a small dick