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    My husband gets so excited and cant keep his hands of me as i get ready to meet my black lover. once ive been black fucked and made to cum screaming on my studs thick black cock as he fills my white married cunt full of the black mans seed he then took a pic on my camera phone.
    He told me ' show white hubby this , i want him to see how full of my black seed his wifes cunt is now " his black cock grew harder again as he looked at his cum flowing from his white slut wifes pussy then he climbed between my still open legs and impaled my wet white cunt again on that delicious slick black cockand procedded to drive me out of my mind gasping out with the pleasure of black fucking .
    Hubbys version now.
    I couldnt wait to get my woman back , whenever she goes to meet him i get excited but jealous at the same time. My mind races with thoughts of what she is doing with him and of what my black competitor is doing to my wife .
    I know his black cock can reach deeper into my womans body and that the blackness and sheer size of his cock being so deep inside her white pussy thrills my woman like nothing else , his thicker cock can make her cum in a way that my 8" cock cant possibly match. When I get my wife back and she opens her legs for me to see the cunt that I love still running with her black lovers cum , Im like a man possesed and i have to impale her adulterous cum filled wifely white cunt on my husbandly aching hard cock to claim her back as mine. ( TO BE CONT)

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  2. mmmm, thanks guys, makes me hot
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    damn id so jerk off to you taking a big black cock doggystyle
  4. If you were my man , watching me with a black stud between my legs as with each deep delicious thrust of his black cock he drives my white pussy into orgasm , then grips my hips in his big strong black hands to thrust and cum deep inside your womans white body.
    Well ! I would tell you not to jerk off coz you have to follow my black stud and fuck me as deep and hard as a white male can when he needs to compete against a black male or loose his white female to the black man.
    Could you do that ? Or would you be another white male that slumps to his knees with your cum spurting out wastefully whilst a black male wins and sends his cum deep into your white females pussy.
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    that would be soo hot to witness
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    Oh God, sadly I know I would fail this test
  7. There's no such thing as too hot and i expect you to fail as your black opponent sends his hot black cum into me , but i also expect you to fuck me for all your worth, as if your life depends on not loosing your white female to black. " even though you will "
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