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    NOTE: Next I am hosting is in a SYDNEY CBD hotel soon. I am a local to Sydney and often travel locally. Many people request me to host so I might be hosting in a Sydney CBD hotel once a month.

    ABOUT ME: A well educated corporate professional looking fun and spontaneous people to make friends and have a good time with. I am fit and 5'7" tall. I may or may not be tall enough for you but surely pack a surprise down there. ;) I am a South Asian with western values. I don't bite and I don't dissapoint in bed either. ;) I smell good and a bit fussy about hygene. I will be a total disappointment if South Asian accent is a turn on for you. Regular at the gym but not a gym junkie.

    I do get asked if these pics are really of me...yes, these really are pictures of me. There is no way for me to prove it unless we meet and do the dance, is there? :) I will swap face pics only as MMS. Not interested in endless s/t-exting.

    I am neither bi nor curious about it. I am dominant in the bedroom but not disrespectful. D/D free, fun, easy going and 100% real. I do have some non negotiable rules: 'NO BAREBACKING, and 'NO BI-MALE ACTIVITIES'!

    EXPERIENCED as a 3rd wheel WITH COUPLES in playing out their various mild to kinky/taboo fantasies. I have been doing this for a few months now. Threesomes, partying in clubs, Hotwife/FB/BF PDA, hotwifing, cuckolding, male partner watching/listening/helping or solo with hotwives...I've helped couples do it all. I have been doing this for fun for several months now.

    Sex is most enjoyable when chemistry and physics both jump in bed together. Skin is the biggest sex organ made come alive by the brain. Sex without mental stimulation is like food without flavour. I love to kiss and have been told that I am one of the best kissers some women have ever had....well the others did not say anything. Lol. I love to explore the erogenous zones of the female form and worship them.

    I prefer to travel but sometimes host too. Suggestive AIRBNB users can text me the link to your ad.

    ABOUT YOU: Looking for spontaneous, discreet, easy going, D&D free, fun and friendly female or couple. Preferably my age or younger but I go the other way too, enjoyably. Looking to have fun for one time or regular but without any emotional investment. We play as we go.

    No giving or receiving of rewards/donations.

    M: 0469766323
    Kik: pitbull1484


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