hoping for some helpful input, thanks

i am a white male 62 yo and have a very high sex drive. but, i'm 62 yo. i just met a woman who i love and probably will marry some day. she is 57 and super cute, trim and active. she was married to a black man and has a biracial son who is quite handsome. we've only been seeing each other for a few months but she has hinted that she has had a few (at least) black boyfriends in her life although has no desire to be with one long term and seems to be very much into me. we have hot passionate sex and make love frequently. ok, so far, so good. i can no longer perform like i used to, it's simply a fact. i love her dearly and want to see her pleased. HOWEVER, i do not want to loose the ability to make love to her, i just want to have our sex life as good as possible.
so here is my question to the couples that have the experience. is it possible? if i bring another man, possibly a man of color since i would find that less threatening in terms of loosing her to a permanent relationship, will my sex drive increase, decrease or what?? i know i like the idea of her having a stronger lover but not if it would mean that i would no longer be able to please her myself. i do not want it to turn into a cuck or caged situation although i have no problems role playing with her in the bedroom

i know there are more than a couple married couples on here and i am hoping they can give me their experience based opinions

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I think you've answered this yourself seed bag. You say she has 'no desire to be with one long term'.
When ladies are looking for a relationship a lot will want security, friendship, reliability and a load of other things, not just a hard, strong fuck.
I love my hubby, and I like the fun of playing with black lovers, but I prefer the security and companionship of being with hubby.
Mine and my hubbys sex drive have increased since we started in this lifestyle so I wouldn't think it would hurt yours.
If she wants to be with you then that's a great sign, she likes you for you. Enjoy! X