Here are a few of me.. Hope u enjoy! All comments are welcomed

Some say I look like I date black men without me saying I do, what do u think?

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Jennifer, I would love to be in that pussy of yours. No you do not look like you love Brothers, there is no look. But your pics are terrific, and shows a woman enjoying the choices she has made..If you ever in NC, holla back..we could use you
for the re-education of the white girls who want us, but aren't honest enough to step up and respond back that they want the fulfillment a brother can give..OSP25


You are so HOT in them photos, and you are so damn gorgeous, Idid the question at the begining, and i selected the wrong answer, is there a wrong answer to this? Iwould dearly love to spend so much time with you. Loved them and loved you sharing them.