Hello and Thanks!

A few days ago when I was busy filling out my profile here at B2W I was pretty sure that being a “lurker” would be all my level of participation might amount to. It only took a few visits before I decided to go ahead and throw an introduction out here too! Actually, this thread will probably be more of a “Thank You” than anything else.

To the makers and administrators, you’ve created a platform that’s certainly evolved into something special. Of course the members and participants here have had a great deal to do with that, but without the forum none of this great site happens!

That being said, members …men, women and couples, thanks for taking the time to share your photos, stories and desires here. The effort that goes into creating your posts hasn’t gone unnoticed and is most appreciated …especially by those like myself who may never have the chance to experience in real life the adventures you have.

This might be a good point to say just a little bit more about my situation and why I find B2W such and interesting place. As you’ve already picked up on, it’s doubtful my wife will ever be receptive to turning my fantasy of watching her with others into reality. And that’s totally OK. She does however indulge my photographic hobby on occasion and she’s always fun and flirtatious when we go out with certain friends of ours. That and more is just icing on the cake. I’d be crazy about her no matter what.

Thanks again to everyone and I look forward to see and read about you and what you're up to!

...a photo of the wife


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