Hello All, This is why I'm here

Posted this once before on another site. It's all true and still relevant so I thought I would post it here as well to serve as my introduction.


My Introduction, Why I like Interracial Sex

This is what happened, this is the reason why I am the way that I am and this is why I'm here.

This story is 100% true. I have no reason, and no interest in lying to you. I just want to share with people who aren't going to call me a freak or judge me.

More than ten years ago I was living in Phoenix, Arizona. I was in a somewhat serious long-term relationship at the time with a girl, let's call her "Dee". She was short and petite, with curly, jet black hair down to her mid back, big brown eyes and a naturally milky white complexion. She wasn't particularly busty but she had just enough hip to be called curvy. Her father was white and her mother was Jordanian. She honestly looked a little bit like the actress, Marina Sirtis, from the Star Trek, The Next Generation, T.V. show.

We had a mutually enjoyable sex life, really. But her sex drive was much greater than mine. Where I was happy with once or twice a week, she wanted much more. To that end, we decided to experiment with swinging. We went to some of the clubs in the area (later private parties) and, after a slow start, had a wonderful time. There weren't many black men in the clubs we went to so we mostly played with other white couples. Together at first, after a few months she would increasingly play alone with another couple or single. Most of the clubs offered private rooms, sometimes I would watch her have fun and sometimes not depending on what the other people were comfortable with. You could say I was being cuckolded to some extent at this point but I didn't think so. I didn't know what a cuckold was, I don't think I had even heard the term at this point. We were both having fun and she was getting the amount of sex that she wanted. We arrived and left together and everyone was happy.

About six months into our swinging lifestyle we were at the club and "Dee" was approached by a young black man. I knew that she had never been with a black man before nor had she ever expressed any particular interest. At any rate, that night she said yes. We went to a private room but had to wait as two older white couples were just finishing up before us. As we were entering they asked if they could stay and watch, "Dee" said sure and I didn't have any problem with it. There was a couch at one end of the room and a couple of chairs along the side of the room, we all took our seats.

Dee and her new play partner sat down on the bed and proceeded very slowly, just talking and holding hands at first. Then they started to kiss. Keep in mind, I had watched her play with others several times in the past but this felt "different". When their clothes were off and the kissing and groping became more intense I noticed something unusual. My heart was racing, my breathing was shallow, my mouth was dry and I just sat there transfixed. At one point I looked around the room and realized that everyone else was completely silent and staring intently at what was happening.

The young man wasn't hung like a porn star or anything, just slightly larger than me. He was tall and thin but had a lean, athletic build. For the better part of the next hour he, and there is no polite way to say this, fucked the hell out of her. There were moans, screams, a lot of sweat, even a little blood (his blood, courtesy of nail scratches down his back). This was my first experience of interracial sex. I'm serious, I had not even watched I.R. porn before this, it just wasn't on my radar. He didn't do anything "unusual", there wasn't a trapeze in the room or anything. But the contrast between her pale, white skin and his black skin, the intensity, the enthusiasm, the way she responded to him. It was simply the hottest thing I had ever seen up to this point.

When they were finished, the other couples got up and silently left, no one said a word or made a sound. One of the other wives came back in a minute and handed my girlfriend a bottle of water. She still didn't say anything, just handed her the water, smiled a little, and walked out. Unfortunately, we never saw that young man again but that didn't seem to matter.

Over the next two years that we were together we continued to attend the swing clubs together. Although we would occasionally play with a few white couples that we had known for some time, Dee started to be much more responsive to the single black men that would come into the club, actively seeking them out. Sometimes I would watch, sometimes not, it just depended on the guy. I never participated in any way directly.

Not all of the men were hung, or built like stallions (a couple were though) but the outcome was always similar to the first time, intense, intense, intense sex. I think in part it was due to the way she seemed to respond to them. Like nothing we had every experienced together, even though I was never not able to make her orgasm. I kept my clothes on, sat silently and never even touched myself (until we got home) but I was a rock the whole time.

Eventually, she started bringing a couple of the guys over to our apartment, just one at a time. I was o.k. with it, they weren't strangers but people we knew at this point and had played with before.

Unfortunately, she was offered a job transfer to the East Coast and I simply could not relocate at the time. We kept in touch for a while but long distance relationships don't work very well long term. If I could go back in time knowing what I know now I would have put a clean pair of socks in a bag and followed her no matter what. But I didn't understand back then what I do now. Isn't that typically how it works?

Over the next several years I was able to have additional "experiences" with a couple of other women. Always the same result, they LOVED it!! I also started to watch interracial porn. First occasionally, before we would go out, then with increasing frequency. I can quite honestly say at this point that I.R. porn is just about the only pornography I watch now.

We are the product of our experiences and I have come to absolutely love the sight of a black man having sex with a white woman, it gets me hot every time.

Look, I'm a man, I enjoy having intercourse or receiving oral sex as much as any man. And, though I don't have the science background to know if this is true or not, I believe there is an element of psychological conditioning in play. I can watch a BM/WW having sex, a woman I'm dating,and come right to the edge and stay there the entire time. At the end, I can touch myself for about thirty seconds and be done, absolutely spent. I believe that I could almost get there just by watching, but that would require a deeper personal connection between the woman and myself.

It's been, what, fifteen years? I guess. And these feelings have never left me. That's where I'm at now, I would love to find a partner to enjoy this lifestyle with me but have had no success.

If you read this whole thing, I deeply thank you. You wouldn't believe how cathartic it felt just to share my story, even if somewhat anonymously over the internet. I hope I didn't bore you.


Thanks for sharing, I have the same thoughts.My wife has never had sex with anyone else before,she knows that I would love a black guy to fuck her,we have been married 22 years on the 16/05/14.