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have you ever?

One Small Dick

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I think it would be red hot if a pretty white female told me that this time when the black man gets ready to cum that I will be receiving this load meant for her. He pulls right out of her creamy white pussy and uses her pussy juice as lube for when I get her load instead of her getting it.

I believe that would be tough to beat by having to taste the pussy juice from the pussy you have never had before from the black dick that has had it...just a second ago. Damn.


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I know my wife has come home after being a black guy and she has made a point to kiss me deeply and and expect me to kiss her the same she grins knowing bbc has been in her mouth earlier.


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We were having a BBC party and I always ask one to stay after the party. So it was just the three of us and we had hubby rub his little dick for us while my young stud verbally humiliated him for his size. Eventually he told hubby to get out of the room. We had a 2 bedroom suite for the party and hubby went to the other one.

As I was getting my last cock of the night he told me he wanted to see me snowball my hubby. I went down on him and got that load. I got up and walked into the other bedroom with my stud right behind me. Hubby was rubbing his little cock when we walked in. He seemed a little confused as I can over to him and leaned in for a kiss. Once he opened up I pushed all then cum into his mouth and my stud made a little moan.

Got up and left the room to help stud get dressed and see him out. Once I got back to hubby he had come all over himself.