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GTA, Drugs? Wait, I Can Explain

In a lot of ways, bad guys have a knack for finding their way to me. It was supposed to be just a night out with the girls...you know, clubbing, dancing, drinking. I had not intended to screw around on my husband even though our relationship had been a bit strained, but when I saw this guy at the bar, and we made eye contact, I knew it was over for me.

He sent my drink over to our table, a nice Midori sour, and that caused a big commotion with my girlfriends. They loved to tease me, and with this young black Puerto Rican stud showing an interest, they started right in. My friend Rosie was the worst of the lot,

"Yeah Emma, an hour from now they are going to find you and that hot little brown ass of yours in the back seat of his car with your ankles up around your ears, getting drilled by a few pounds of Puerto Rican cock." She gave me that lewd smile, one shared by girlfriends who have seen one another in action.

Of course I told her and the others to shut the fuck up, but they weren't hearing it. It wasn't long before he was at out table asking me to dance. They were playing a slow one, a Luther Vandros song, and I melted in his arms as he held me. He was tall, at least 6 ft, maybe 6'1," and had that lean muscular athletic build all women love. Despite the fact that he was much taller, with me being 4'11," we moved well together. We danced to another slow one and then found a table of our own.

He got me another drink and asked me if I had ever taken ecstasy. I had heard of the drug, but never tried it myself. I told him that I didn't think I needed any...I was feeling pretty good already. He smiled and passed me the small white tablet and told me to crush it with my teeth and wash it down with my drink. I figured, "What the Hell, live for the day," and bit down on the pill. It tasted awful, and even downing my entire drink at once didn't wash that taste from my mouth. He got me another drink, and after a few minutes, asked me if I was feeling anything.

I was feeling a tingling all over, but I said, "No, nothing yet..."

He just smiled and said that sometimes it takes time. While we spoke, he put his hand on my thigh and began stroking it, working his way to the inside of my legs. It felt really good to be touched, and as I began to squirm, my stiletto fell off my foot. He recovered it for me and put it back on my foot. About that time, they started another song and we went out onto the dance floor again.

It was very different this time...it wasn't dancing, it was sex. I pushed my pelvis aganst him hard, feeling his erection and closed my eyes as he placed his hands on my ass and slowly began to thrust himself against me. I couldn't wait much longer, and asked him if there was some place we could go.

We left together to the disapproving looks from my girlfriends, and made our way to the parking lot. He had a nice custom van with black lighting illuminating the psychedelic paint and carpeting inside.

He laid me on a small blanketed mattress and slowly undressed me. The Ecstasy had taken full effect on me now, and I was moaning, begging him to fuck me. Every time he touched me it was like a small electric shock. He just laughed and said he was enjoying my begging too much to fuck me now. He finally got around to taking off my panties, and I opened my legs up wide for him. He began finger fucking me, using his thumbs, and each finger from both hands to penetrate my pussy and play with my clit, and I was going mad, my lust building to a peak.

Suddenly, he just pulled out. He grinned a sadistic grin and said he wanted me to,show him what I do when I need a cock and there's no man arounf to satisfy me. I cried out in protest, "No, you have to fuck me, fuck me now." But he just grinned.

I began to masturbate for him while he undressed, working on my clit and fingering myself, and when I saw his cock, a beautiful 9 inch phallus, turned up like a banana, crowned with a thick black foreskin, it prompted my first orgasm. I had to have that big dick in me.

He held me close and sucked my nipples as I came, and then when I stopped shaking and shuddering, he positioned himself between my legs and prepared to enter me. I felt the tip of his penis against my wet hole and took in a deep breath as he entered me with small thrusts, teasing me an inch at a time. Finally, he was in all the way and started fucking me, holding my ass and pressing his middle finger firmly against my anus as he used me. He was gentle, taking into account my petite stature, but there was power behind what he was doing to me. He quickly took me to another convulsing orgasm, and then I felt him explode inside of me, that big cock pulsing and throbbing like an automatic rifle, filling me with his hot mud.

I lay there, totally spent, in his arms. The club had closed by now, and most of the cars in the lot were gone. I found a towel and cleaned myself while he dressed. He told me he had to go outside and piss, and left me alone in the car. He had been gone for about 15 minutes, and I was concerned, when there was a knock on the window. It was the police.

It seems the van we were in had been reported stolen. The cops took me out of the van and handcuffed me. They found his bag of ecstasy pills, and of course pinned that on me. They weren't buying my story about our "casual sexual encounter," and were especially concerned about the fact that I didn't even know his name.

They listened to me when I gave them my story about going clubbing with my girlfriends, but when they tried to contact Rosie and the others with my cell phone, all they got was a bunch of full voice mailboxes and no answers. I was on my way to jail.

They took me to the women's jail where I was booked in for possession of dangerous drugs and grand theft auto. A female officer strip searched me and the jail nurse did a body cavity search on me, seemingly spending a lot of time with her lubricated finger up my ass probing me for more drugs no doubt. Both made snide comments about my waxed pussy...something about "grass not growing on a race track," and how it appeared I had just been fucked. I made my one phone call to my husband who promptly hung up on me. I was dressed in dingy, stretched out granny underwear, sweat socks, and an orange jump suit, given a coarse will blanket, and escorted to a housing unit where I would spend my time with fifty other women who were being held,on various felonies.

Hopefully I would be able to get a hold of Rosie and the others, so they could straighten this out, but for the time being, I was fucked.
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