Greetings from Florida

and how this started..
Ever since meeting the wife 15 years ago I have fantasized about seeing her with another man, specifically a black man. When we dated she told me she had briefly dated a black man but had not had the opportunity to make love to him before it ended (few dates). I had always been pretty shy about approaching her about the subject but the few times we have gone out lately to bars/restaurants she had commented on a few black guys. After a few cocktails one night recently, the conversation turned to our biggest fantasy sexually and I decided now was the time to go for broke. I told her bluntly that watching her get made love to by a black man had been a long time fantasy. She was semi-shocked at first, alot of "really?" "really?", and that turned to her admitting it was a fantasy of hers. We both agreed to take this slowly but I spend alot of time lately visualizing her in a hotel room here in Jacksonville getting the fucking she deserves. For the first time ever, she watched a adult movie with me at home, an interracial one, and we spent most of the time in foreplay with me playing with her pussy and her stroking my cock as I whispered in her ear that I was imaging that was her in the video. To say she was turned on would be an understatement (not sure I have seen her cum that hard before). Looking forward to where this goes.
Hi how are you... We were in the same situation as the two of you. It's something we had discussed for a very long time. initially I thought it was merely fantasy and would just be an idea we played with, but as time progressed, it was something I believe we both wanted to explore more than either of us would admit.... I would definitely say to take things slow and be very patient.. If it is something you have discussed and it has added to your own sexual fulfillment, then it's very likely that she will become open to moving forward, once she is comfortable. In my situation, my biggest issue was I was afraid my husband would have regrets and it would potentially destroy our Marriage... That's why I stress the importance of patience. Once I was completely comfortable and confident that it was something he was truly comfortable with- it allowed me to open up and move toward exploring deeper waters. Good luck to the two of you...
Thanks for the advice...yes we're going to go slow with this, this can be something that makes our marriage even stronger and thats the goal...well, besides watching some black guy try to bottom out inside her but thats a whole different story, ha.