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Damn, talk about an incentive to get into golf..these women would have me on the course everyday and I don't even like golf except for 9 hole Best Ball goof around game...MORE please..OSP
Never played golf but I met Charles Barkley once at the only golf game (is that what its called?) I ever attended. It was a celebrity thing and a friend asked me to go with him as his date to watch. At one of the holes after the first swing me and my date were in the front row watching and he came over towards us and said hello to me, introduced himself and then told my date don't worry I ain't gonna take her just like to say hi to the pretty ladies. He shook some hands and then said see ya later to me and winked at my date. People laughed he was funny. LOL kinda ruined the day for my date I was like what's there to be all jealous about?!
Glad you got the joke...Brothers like to admire ladies, I do and make a point to let them know how good they look...most get the joke, knowing we're just having fun...but occasionally, folks with no sense of humor seem to think the shit is serious...you need a new male friend who is more secure...OSP


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.... kinda ruined the day for my date I was like what's there to be all jealous about?!
Stacy, so, I guess if you were with a hot, black guy you really liked, and another hot, blond female came up to him, blew him a kiss, took his hand, and then said "see ya later, sweetheart", you wouldn't be the least bit jealous? Is that what you are saying? Cause I've been around women a long time and one thing I truly know ... women don't like other women making plays or flirting with their men. That's why they have such a problem understanding men's interests in cuckolding.
Just an observance I've made over my 40 years of life ... Mac
Don't forget the "likes" if you like these ... being an avid golfer, myself, these play to my soft spot.
My wife made me quit playing with this partner ...
'cause I kept forgetting to take my damn golf clubs when we'd play. View attachment 523602

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This would hit me in my soft spot too because I love playing golf. Unfortunately, I don't get to enjoy it as much as I used to. I've been thinking about getting back out there lately, as soon as the weather gets a bit better and I get some time. Spring Break is coming up...