GF is drunk at a black club...

bf here on her acct. she just left the house pretty buzzed and headed to the club with her girlfriends. i was planning on going with her since its her bday but she insisted that i stayed home. i overheard them getting ready in the bathroom talking about how the club is mostly black guys so im positive something will happen tonight. she even wore nice heels and a sexy thong which she never does for me.. my tiny cock is so hard just thinking about what she will be doing. i hope she comes home with her sore stretched pussy still dripping with cum and makes me clean it all up
She's cute. How did you convince her to want to try a BBC?
i just kept "accidentally leaving" interracial porn on my laptop and what not haha. shes always had a thing for black guys though i think. everytime she'd see chris brown or trey songz on tv she'd say something sexual. then i just said it would be fun to watch her with a black guy.