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Future hope?

So I have attempted to get my fiancé into the idea of including another man into our sex life to no avail. I took all the right steps and she was never even the slightest bit interested. Not wanting to be pushy or annoying, I backed off and I have not brought it up in months and I have no intention of bringing it up anytime soon.

This does nothing to calm all these fantasies I have and I was curious if any other couples went through this only to jump into this lifestyle later in life?


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re: Future hope?

There's another thread in this section, similar to your situation, by a Wannabecuck ... engaged to marry, and wants his fiancé to let him watch her doing other men.
....You guys got to realize your fiancé is focused on "getting married" and living the life of a normal married couple. They're probably not going to risk screwing up their goals of that by getting porked by other men in front of you. As exciting and stimulating as all this seems to be, there are down sides to it ... injury, disease, self respect, your respect of her, your engagement, etc. You won't admit this, but once you see her fuck another man, you'll look at her in a different way.
....All that said, its becoming more common for young married couples to include some light swinging in their sex lives. But, its not going to happen all of a sudden; its something that usually develops in stages. I've often said, a good starting place is to find out what sexually stimulates her, and see if fulfilling a sexual fantasy of her's will get her to fulfill your fantasy as well. Its not easy getting your lady to reveal her deepest sex fantasy, but trying will tell you how open your communication with her is. You are wise and courteous for not pushing the topic.