Fun Times pt. 2

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    It was arousing to look at her body tied down to the bed. Her hair in disarray. Long red welts all over her body from my business card. Thick welts from Him spanking her. She looked like she stumbled into a cage filled with pumas. As I looked over her seeing her chest heaving and her pussy glistening with moisture I shot a look at Him and then over to an ice cold glass of water. I left for a moment and came back with two bottles of water for He and I. Afterwards I quietly walked over to the thermostat and turned the heat up. After a few minutes she was sweating. Her entire body was shining and He looked at me with a puzzled look and I simply smiled back and reached for the glass of ice cold water. Immediately He understood my plan.

    She was panting from the heat. I dipped my finger into the glass, pulled it out and allowed one ice cold drop of water to fall onto her hood covering her clit. My aim was right on target. She gasped at the sudden impact of cold amid the sweltering heat. He and I sipped from our bottles and placed them against our wrists to keep us cool. Again I dipped my finger into the glass and this time one drop fell on her left nipple. Each drop was like a shock to her body as the cold moisture made a sudden impact against the her hot body. In the glass ice cubes were fighting a loosing battle to keep the water cold. I handed Him the glass and He continued to rain down little icy lightning bolts on her body as I got an idea that was going to send her almost over the edge.

    I retrieved one of the smaller ice cubes from the glass and popped it into my mouth. He looked at me and gave me a nod that told me he knew exactly where I was going. He followed suit popping an ice cube in his mouth. I slowly positioned myself between her legs and blew an ice cold stream of air slowly up her thigh. She gasped but was caught off guard as He wrapped his lips around her right nipple. Her back arched making her position her pussy perfectly. Her arms reached out for the restraints, gripping them in shock as I licked her clit with an ice cold tongue. The ice cube slid from my mouth onto her pussy and her arms flexed, her neck strained, her back arched and her legs locked as she let out moan after moan. She was trapped. He was sucking her tits with an ice cold mouth and I was licking her pussy with an icy tongue.

    Her stomach began to spasm and we both released her least she orgasm, which she knew she was not allowed to do. Smiling with satisfaction I walked back to the thermostat and turned the air conditioner back on to cool all of us off. Our hard work had brought about wonderful results. She tossed and turned with a giant pool of sweat underneath her. He and I shared a devilish stare. We were thinking the same thing. Show time... It was time to finish this.

    To be continued...
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    OMG. So hot!
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    Bro might want to post this type of writing on the's pretty might make a good contributor..osp
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