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We were ready to take the plunge and find a man to enter our bedroom for my wife. We settled on an extremely handsome black man we had spoken with a few times at our favorite happy hour bar. He accepted our invitation and understood that this was purely a sex thing we wanted to try. We went up to our hotel room where they began having sex…..pretty hot at first and my wife was loving it. After he made her orgasm, he kept pumping her….and kept pumping her….. with his huge cock. At that time he started going slow while pinning her legs back on his shoulders. They were now making love. As he pumped, they looked into each others eyes. Then it happened, my wife blurted out, “Kiss me.”. He leaned in and they engaged in a very passionate open mouth kiss, his hips slowly thrusting and my wife giving him total access. As I thought this was going to an emotional place for them that I was not ready for, I asked them to stop…..more than once. They did not stop…they just kept up their slow erotic dance. This continued for a couple of minutes when I heard them both starting to moan………without breaking their kiss, they started to cum at the same time. He sent a huge load of cum into my wife as her entire body trembled like I had never seen from her. My whole demeanor changed from jealousy to extreme arousal. I immediately whipped out my cock and started stroking to their orgasm. My wife looked at me and cried out, “Oh my god James! Stroke it!”. Their orgasm continued as my cock shot cum at a mighty velocity……my wife’s orgasm intensified till her legs were literally shaking. When it was over, we chatted awhile and then he left. We asked him back again the next night and we took her both at the same time.