First fuck

Remember when we met for the first time? It was in a coffee cafe,crowded and warm and noisy. I slid my chair over close to you and sat down, pressing my leg against yours. Turning to look right into your eyes, I licked the corner of my mouth and bit softly on my lower lip. I moved my hand onto your thigh and softly stroked until you opened your legs slightly wider and placed your hand over mine, moving it up towards the increasing bulge in your pants. Through the tightly stretched fabric, I could feel that your dick was hard, thick and so tempting. I felt any vague notions of resistance vanish instantly as I leaned over and we began to kiss. Rather then draw undue attention, I pulled back and whispered into your ear, "Let's go into the bathroom and fuck". In less than a heartbeat you was up and leading me towards the back of the shop. You started towards the men's room and I redirected you to the ladies', where we went in and locked the door behind us, instantly falling together in a hot pulsing passionate embrace. You pushed me back against the door and kept kissing me as you pushed my jacket open and off my shoulders. I let it drop to the floor as you put your hands under my sweater, pulling my bra up over my breasts so that you could fondle them. As you rolled my nipples, I became incredibly aroused and quickly opened your pants so that I could pull out that magnificent dick and start to stroke it urgently. We kept kissing, deeply and greedily as you pinched and pulled on my nipples and I stroked your erect cock, getting slick with precum. You bent down and licked my erect nipples, slow tongue circling one then the other repeatedly. Softly you placed your teeth on my right nipple and ever so gently bit down. I was crazy with hot desire by then, pushing back against the door and trembling with the heat of my passion. I let go of your cock and pulled up my skirt, revealing the while lace panties underneath and commanded "Fuck me".
You pressed forward and reached with one hand to pull my panties to the side, guiding your cock with the other hand. I leaned back further and spread my legs wider apart as you bent your knees slightly and leaned even closer, the head of your cock pressed against my clit. You stroked against my clit with the tip of your dick, wetting it with your precum. I moaned and reached down and pushed your dick down and cried out as you pushed it hard up into me. Taking both of my hands in yours, you stretched my arms up over my head and pinned me against the door, pounding your cock in and out of my pussy more and more urgently, harder and harder, fucking the hell out of me. I was explosive. This was going to be an incredibly intense orgasm. I heard you suck in a breath and then you began to moan softly as you pounded me even harder against the door. I came hard, came and came and came all over your dick. This forced you over the edge and you erupted into me, cumming way up inside of me, filling me with hot sweet cum.
I gave you my cell number and address and tasked you to come on over after work on Friday.
I waited all day for the moment when you would arrive, anticipating, thrilling with every erotic thought that filled my mind and tingled between my legs. I wanted everything to be perfect. Memorable. I wanted to imprint the night on your brain and have the memory of me remain there, unforgettable. Forever after, your thoughts would always turn to me with every fragrant scent and every soft touch...every stimulus could trigger your desire for me. I slipped a key into an envelope and tucked it under the door mat then sent a text "I am waiting for you baby, let yourself in"
I entered the bathroom, naked and pale, aroused by the anticipation of you. I filled the bathtub with hot scented water and bubble bath. I leaned way over to touch the water, letting my fingers feel the heat. When I leaned over like this, my ass just barely opened up and my pink pussy peeked out. I imagined you pressing up against me, taking hold of my hips and pulling my ass toward you while your hard dick slid into my hot, wet pussy. As I stepped into the bath and immersed my body in the water, I kept this feeling alive in my mind and in the throbbing between my legs.
I took my lavender scented body wash and lathered up my stomach, my neck, my breasts…wanting to give you pleasure in my scented skin when you licked my flesh. Then I leaned back in the tub, and let my hand slide down my body to my pussy. I let my mind elaborate as I touched myself. I felt myself arching back as climax came closer and I touched my clit in rapid circles as I approached orgasm. I raised my hips and moaned as I felt the throbbing, pulsing, electric pleasure of orgasm spread from my clit up into my stomach and down my legs. Then, I washed the cum from my pussy so that I will be perfect for you and climbed out.
I heard your key in the door and walked to the bed. I reclined there on my back with my legs slightly spread apart and my hands pressed against the headboard behind me. You walked in and stood at the foot of the bed and looked at me. Learning me. Learning my body. Sensing my desire. You leaned towards me and kissed my pussy, just once, softly…then stood back and took off your clothes, never taking your eyes off me. I was so aroused by your penetrating gaze, so hot and wet. I saw your beautiful hard dick as you stood at the foot of the bed and I slid down and sat up. I held your dick in one hand as I stroked the flesh from your ass to your balls, then took your balls in my hand as I leaned down to lick them, suck them softly. I moved up the shaft of your dick in slow wet long licks then flicked the tip of my tongue on the head, working softly in, French kissing your dick for a while before I wrapped my lips around it and slid my mouth down over it, just sucking the head at first then taking you in, all of you, every inch of you. I sucked like a baby as my mouth moved down and back up, over and over until you grabbed my hair. I looked up at you, wanting you, wanting you to fuck my mouth. You started slow then harder and faster until you had to hold me head hard to slam your stomach against my face and ram your dick down my throat. My pussy was throbbing.
I slipped my hand between my legs and touched myself as you fucked my mouth hard and fast. I was so close. You were so close. I shook slightly as orgasm spread through me, feeling your hot cum pulse into my mouth, tasting it. Then I looked up at you and opened my mouth so you could see your cum, your seed, in my mouth before I swallowed, content and full of you. You had filled me up. Fed me the food I needed to live.
I slept for a few minutes next to you, but even in my deep sleep, I could sense you. When I woke up, I found you sitting in the chair watching me. You gave me a little wink. I smiled back, feeling the tickling of desire radiating through me. You lifted your hand and showed me that you were holding my pretty little lavender vibrator. My Buzz Bomb. Then you tossed the vibrator onto the bed beside me and sat back in the chair, placing both hands on the arms, still smiling, now waiting. I pushed all of the pillows up against the wall, reached for the vibrator and leaned back into the soft cushioning. My vibrator has a smooth soft surface and is slender enough to be perfect for my tight pussy. I looked at it appreciatively, then shifted my gaze to look right into your eyes. I turned it on and heard the familiar buzz. I knew my pussy was already getting wet and ready just in response to this sound, so I slowly opened my legs, exposing my pussy to your intent gaze, and with the fingers of my left hand, spread the pussy lips open to show you my stiff little clit. I touched there with gentle repeated taps of the vibrator, feeling my desire for more arousal intensify. Leaning forward, I stroked with it from my anus to my clit until I feel completely ready, wet and dripping, unable to wait another moment, then slid it into me. I threw back my head and closed my eyes, moaning as I began to slowly fuck myself with the vibrator. Then I pulled it out, covered with my juices, and pressed it right above my clit. Making slow circles around my clit with the tip of the vibrator made me moan even loader and I felt my hips start to gyrate, fucking the air. I moved the vibrator faster as I felt myself nearing orgasm, hearing myself gasping, moaning, crying out as I got closer and closer. Forcing myself to open my eyes and look into yours, I lifted my heels off of the bed and opened my shaking legs completely You were smiling, watching, hands tightly gripping the arms of the chair as my orgasm exploded. It was intense, pulsing, electric ecstasy that made my legs shake and forced gasping panting cries from the very heart of me.
I fell back, panting, my legs falling onto the bed as I felt you slide into the bed next to me. You moved up close and rubbed my stomach for a moment before you closed your hand over my breast and squeezed. I still heard the buzzing of the vibrator. I smiled as erotic thoughts flooded my mind.
Sitting up, I reached over and pushed you over onto your back so that I could climb between your legs, pushing them apart with my knees. I touched the vibrator to your left nipple, making tiny circles. Then I moved it to your right nipple for a moment or two before I slowly traced the vibrator down your belly towards your cock, watching it get even harder and harder, seeing a slight throbbing pulse under the head. I stroked there softly with the vibrator, talking softly to you, asking you if you love it, asking you if you want me to fuck you with it, asking you if you want it to fuck your ass. I heard you moaning "YES" and put the vibrator up to my mouth and spit on it repeatedly until it was slick. Then I bent down and spit a few times on your hard cock before I slid the fingers of my free hand around it and clamped down.
Squeezing your cock, I started stroking rhythmically as I touched the vibrator against your anus and pressed it in slightly. I felt you move your legs wider apart and saw your chest rise as you threw back your head. Your arms flung out to the side and grasped the sheets in a tight knot as I pushed the vibrator further in, slowly, all the while stroking your cock and whispering to you. I pushed the vibrator in even further and began to move it, in and out, in and out. I knew you are relaxing into the arousal because the thrusting became easier. I whispered, "here we go, baby" and pushed the vibrator all the way in as far as I could and squeezed harder on your cock. I moved my hands simultaneously, stroking your cock hard and fucking your ass with the vibrator, making sure the rhythm never altered, but speeding up the tempo as I heard you suck in your breath and start to breathe rapidly. Harder. Harder and faster. I stroked and fucked you harder and faster still as you began to moan and arch your back, nearing orgasm.
I watched as cum spurt out all over your stomach and chest. I adore watching a man cum. I adore how it looks and smells and tastes. I reached down and stitched off the vibrator but left it in you as I began to finger paint in the cum on your body with the fingers of my other hand. I sighed with pleasure as I slid my slick fingers into my mouth and sucked off your cum. I pulled the vibrator out very very slowly and tossed it aside, then placed one hand on either side of your hips. I saw your head come up to watch as I slowly licked the cum off of you until you were clean. Then, I sighed again and placed my cheek on your soft cock, completely content, feeling your warmth and smelling the sexy musk.
I rolled onto my stomach but you were not ready to call it a night. You knelt on the bed between my legs, which you gently moved furhter apart, leaving me open and exposed for you. You took hold of my hips and pulled them up toward you, ready to take what you wanted. I lifted my head and turned my face to look at you, needing the sex, wanting you, too. You smiled very slightly, an enigmatic smile…then you put your hand on the back of my head and forced my face back down onto the pillow. I raised my ass higher in anticipation, pressing against you, wanting you to take me, hard.
You bent over me, covering me as I lay face down, ass up on the bed. You reached around my body and covered my breasts with your hands, squeezing and rubbing them. You took my nipples in you fingertips and pulled softly, twisting slightly, pinching gently. My nipples are very sensitive and responded with erect enthusiasm which made me suck in my breath and push my ass up against you.
Then you moved one hand to my hip and gripped and with the other hand, placed two fingers on either side of my clit. In rhythmic, deliberate circles, you began to pleasure me, making my clit stand up and shout for more and more. "Oh, fuck yes, baby", I moaned as you kept pleasing me. I stared to rock as i felt myself reaching climax but just as I was about to come, you stopped and removed your hand as you straightened up behind me.
I felt your dick touch against my pussy and begin to press in as you reached down to wrap my hair into your fingers and pull. You slid into my wet pussy, dripping wet and hot for you as you slid all the way in, every inch of you. I felt myself pulse in response as pleasure spread through my whole body. Then you pulled your slicked dick out of my pussy and pushed it onto my ass, moving in slowly so that I relaxed and open up for it. When your dick was all the way in, you paused, leaned slightly forward for maximum power, and began thrusting hard and fast...first in my ass, then in my pussy…alternating deep, powerful thrusts. I gripped the sheets tight and moaned as pleasure intensified. It was almost too intense , this pleasure, turning my moans to gasps, then whimpers, then I screamed. I screamed as you pounded harder and harder, bruising me, beating my flesh with yours. I felt the climax coming and gripped tighter still, tearing the sheets away from the mattress.
When I heard your breath quicken as you neared orgasm, I lost all control and screamed louder as I came, hard and pulsing, cumming all over your hard cock. I heard you speaking to me, soft but strong, telling me how you would fill up my ass with your cum. You shuddered, and slammed into me hard and so deep as you came explosively. Your cum spurted into my ass, deep inside of me.
After a brief throbbing moment you pulled out and I turned over and sat up, mouth open, tongue out a little, looking up at you, wanting to suck out the last drops of cum then lick your cock clean. I sighed as i did this, loving the taste and smell of you.
Then, I turned over, sated, face down onto the bed and let myself drift back into my dreams. Just before I fell asleep, I felt you slap my ass softly then kiss me goodbye.
That was only the beginning, baby.
I love you.