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Feminizing white men: their last resort


1) White men are no real men: they are weak, have poor quality bodies, small dicks, shaggy balls, low quantity and quality sperm and a low self i,age towards black men.
2) They are of no use satisfying their own white women. Mote: black women do not even bother looking at them.
3) They are low or no performers in bed, their tiny dicks can not really make a wife come and come and come.
4) They are there to serve the Black Race: act as white pig slaves, need to be humiliated and punished when not obeying. Their Black Master (BM) decides on the punishment. When repeatedly misbehaving the BM can decide to undertake different actions.
5) They can be sold when becoming obsolete or when no longer capable of earning money to finance their BM life.
6) They are the lowest living human species and need to be treated that way.

Their last resort is to feminize them in a special program done by their white women and strictly controlled by their BM:

1) Always (when not working) put a black leather collar on and when needed put them on a dog strap
2) Serve them dog food and water, only one decent meal per week: small portion.
3) By doing this: make them lose weight: weaken them further to get a skinny, white feminine body.
4) Make them depilate their skinny bodies completely and ensure they maintain that well (punishment if not). Light beard or mustache are not acceptable either.
5) Learn and make them wearing panties (thong), bra, stockings, short tight skirts, and high heels every time they do not work. Short dress is fine too.
6) Learn and make them using heavy make up, foundation, lipstick, and nail polish, very time they can and demanded by the BM.
7) In case of poor hair, they should shave bold, and make them wearing wigs, preferably styled, either blond or dark to look like a cheap white whore.
8) Make them watch if their wife is abused by the BM and see how she enjoys it,
9) Make them cleaning their cunt and ass as well as the BM dick not losing any drip of their golden sperm
10) After the fuck, accompany their BM to the bathroom and let him give a golden shower in his mouth.
11) After cleaning the bathroom and bedroom, putting himself in a corner to wait for any new order.

In addition:

1) Consider to take feminine hormones to grow brests
2) Consider to chemical castrate when white sperm is no longer required,.