Female ejaculation fan or not a fan?


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There is something about female ejaculation that has always excited me, it really turns me on. Im not just talking about squirting, but the actual creamy cum they produce too. I really loe he ones with the uncontrollable juices that leave you and your sheets soaked. My question for my fellow members is are you a fan or not? Females can you do it? Or control it?

BBW longing for BBC

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I do squirt and can soak my lover and his bed
and you can hear my pussy making those squishing noises as his cock slides in and out of my sloppy wet hot pussy
Sounds like we are the same. I always tell guys you know the sound that happens when you walk out of the river in tennis shoes. Well that is the closest way to describe the sound of sex with me. LOL
Definite fan. Love them cumming on my face face/in my mouth, especially being underneath her while she's being fucked in doggystyle and the BBC pulls out as she's orgasming, with he gushing/squirting/creaming flowing/shooting/dripping onto/into me.

Love it also when a black bull's load has been dumped in her and she lies on her back on my chest and masturbates while I lick her pussy and lick up any of his cum that drips out. Then when she's cumming, his cum slides out of her alongside her juices as her pussy clenches in orgasm. It's delicious and drives me nuts!
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michelle sd

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My wife has only ejaculated with a Black lover. Her first Black Lover got her to squirt. we were both surprised. She does squirt quite regularly with Black Cock. i love watching her when she squirts. i have never been able to make her squirt.