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Experienced cuck and wife


New Member
We are couple, my name is Shaun and my mistress/wife's name is Gloria. i am her bi sub slave. Gloria is bi as well, and definitely dom! She has a favorite couple, Albert and Elaine, that we play with about every two weeks. Albert has a nice thick 6.5" (yes, i've measured it - in more ways than one) and i have a tiny clitty, 2" soft and 4" hard. Elaine is a bit on the heavy side but attractive. My mistress/wife, Gloria, though, is long-legged and stunning. i had fantasized about her having sex with other men for years because i knew i couldn't satisfy her except with my tongue, and she deserved a lot more. We had talked about it from time to time, but Gloria was reluctant to go outside the marriage until one summer we were at a resort for 2 weeks and Gloria decided to take swimming lessons (she was afraid of the water and had never learned to swim). She would just sit around in her string bikini looking gorgeous. Well, the swimming instructor was young, Germanic, very strict, and he wore speedo briefs with a mile long cock quite visible under it. It took about a week, but Gloria was under Hans. That's how it began for us.
Hi Shaun. did you watch when Gloria enjoyed Hans' cock for the first time? did Her way to dominat you change afterwards?
thanks for sharing your experience wish you and especially Gloria a good time
greetings from a wimp