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Exclusive Prague Cuckold Vacation Offer

Hello everyone,

I am an experienced, good looking bull living in Prague. I offer private guide services to cuckold couples.

My speciality is, I provide complete cuckold vacation experience which includes,

-Swinger club visits
-City walks with being intimate with wife
-Humiliating shopping at erotic shop
-Controlling Husbands activities

and many more..

If you decide to come Prague before May, I can cover all of your hotel expenses (Central location, min. 3 star)

So, send me PM for more detailed information
Hi kolleroller.
Could be interested in your offer.
We are NOT cuckold - she is free to have lovers / sexual excitement, and I enjoy her excitement.

So, only the swinger club visits, the erotic city walks, and of course her interaction with your private guide services, would be of interest......but none of the others above.

I presume this is ok for weekend breaks?
Probably during May, but have nothing organised yet.
For your info, she is unaware of my planning extra-marital activity for her (she enjoys the fantasies, but 'only the fantasies' at this moment). So I think it would be a case of us coming to Prague, and somehow we make 'accidental' contact with you - interested to know what you think would be best.