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    Just had a dream where my wife and i separated. The day that we did she fucked a black guy on our kitchen table infront of a bunch of guests. I had to hear about it from one of the guests. my lil cock is so hard right now. i can't stop thinking about it.
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    Clearly your mother stopped breast feeding you to soon as a baby. You must have had a traumatic experience with a babysitter, perhaps you saw her fucking your father and this made you jealous?
    Sorry, that's all the time we have today, but I think you should see me about this dream twice a week. :)

    In the mean time, please give us more details on what your wife did with this black man and how much the guests enjoyed the show.
    Have any strangers approached you to tell you how much fun it was to watch your wife suck that big black cock like a slutty whore?
    Perhaps one of your co-workers was there and got to hear her squeal and moan while watching her take his dick deep in her ass?
    Has anyone congratulated you for being a daddy-to-be since you weren't there to suck that huge wad of cum out of her cunt before it could get into her womb and knock her up? Probably wouldn't have helped anyway since he blasted more than enough little black baby makers straight through her cervix when he unloaded DEEP inside her.

    Details! We need details! ;)
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    besides the fact that she went black, it was also hot that she did it infront of people. submitted completely while she got fucked. and i had to hear about it third person. it was obvious to everyone that i had never fucked her like that.