Don't know what I am doing here

I am totally new to this interracial thing, I have a boyfriend and he suggested me to had sex with a black man. and I am hooked. now he is started to feel jealous and I do not know what to do now.
He asked you to seek another man to spice up everything , now your hooked and you should not stop unless he is wanting you too , remember you did marry him and if it is causing problems then your hubby is more important... good luck....
well yes , I do love him and he is okay with it so far, but either I am enjoying all this too much or he is starting to get jealous. I thought it would be best to know what other people in my position have done.
Either he has to put up with what he started, or you get yourself a new boyfriend, who'll let you be what you want to be, baby.

Or. just do it behind his back and enjoy the thrill :blackgreedy:
he introduced me to black guy, now when I am actually having fun , he says that I am ignoring him. I want to be happy but I also want him to be a part of it, so he can be happy.