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Do you do it with white guys?

  • Yes, no black bulls in our area

    Votes: 7 11.3%
  • Only black men for us

    Votes: 20 32.3%
  • Either is good

    Votes: 35 56.5%

  • Total voters
Hi, I'm a cuck wannabe looking for a BBC loving white girl. I would find nothing arousing in her fucking white men! To me there's no such thing as a white bull and I find the whole idea offputting and ridiculous. I appreciate it may be great for some couples but for me a bull is black, and black only!


Real Person
Gold Member
I like any cock...though when playing I prefer black. I am already married to a very well hung white guy sooooo....I like variety. The husband is the cuckolder for a few couples in our area. I do enjoy listening to his stories as well.
As a white man seeking to be cuckolded, I voted Black Only. IMHO, I would prefer my wife (currently single and seeking) to have been with Black men before we met. Maybe she meets me and falls for me, but still yearns for Black sexing. The way I see it the Bull ought to be able to give my wife something that I can't, which would not apply to a white bull.


Real Person
Gold Member
My Wife has no desire to cuckold me at this time, however, should that change, I would expect that she would be no different then the previous women in my life that did cuckold me in that it didn't matter what color the man is or even the size of his dick.

The thing that every woman I have known looks for in deciding who she wants to enjoy sex with is how he makes her feel.
He could have the most perfect cock imaginable to her or look exactly like her favorite movie star, but if the chemistry isn't there, it ain't happening.
The fantasy for us is a huge hung BLACK cock fucking my gf... It just wouldn't be the same if it was a white guy because the humilation factor isn't as strong...She wouldn't be able to say things like "I only want to take black cock from now on" or "how's that black cock taste" things specific to black cocks
To me, if a man has a decent sized cock and he knows how to use it, then I'm good with it, no matter his skin color.

That is what I like most about going to the adult theater. I undress, lay on the floor in the front, put on my blindfold, and any and every man who wants me has me. I never know what color they are, or how old they are. I just know that someone is fucking me. Some men are better than others, but then that is often the case no matter what.

Do I have a preference? Yes. I prefer men who know how to use what they have. I prefer men who are heavy cummers and have a lot of stamina. Many men of all races can have that, and they can also have me. Win-Win!
We used to swing with white couples/single males. But there is a certain ''taboo'' involved in a white wife allowing herself to be taken by a black man.

I know the thrill for me is bigger watching a huge dark cock pushing into my white wife and now knowing that one of them deposited a baby inside her only increases that thrill!