Did you get some BBC on New Year's eve ?

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  • No :-(

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One Small Dick

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I agree Stacy and it's is amazing what you can find out by just striking up a conversation like you did with complete strangers. I like doing that.


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My husband and I went to a "party" in Vegas on New Year's Eve where there were several black men available to couples. All I can say is they know how to have fun.
Nope our black guy bailed on us due to a family emergency. Kind of was disappointed but oh well we still had a wonderful threesome with one of her white lovers. So far the black guy thing doesnt seem as easy as I thought was going to be. Seems like a lot of talk and no action and Sarah is starting to get discouraged. Hopefully one of these days we will find the right black guy to join us. Until then we will still be having fun with other couples and other guys as we can.
JaynSarah...alot of these couples have success by going to an all black or mostly black club while the slut is dressed to fuck... go in separately and let her get hit on. these men are available immediately for sex. they will treat her like the whore she wants to be on the dance floor. give it it a try.