Did she go from shy to bbc slave?

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  1. Whitesexsm2000

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    So did your wife, gf, sister go from being shy & conservative to a being a bbc slave
    that wants it anywhere, anytime, as much as she can get?

    What makes you cum?

    Having a black man on top of you?

    Black cock thrusting inside you pumping cum in you?

    Just being willing to give them your body & pussy whenever they want it?

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  2. Alanm

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    Then please turn my wife, she needs more than I can give. She just won't admit it. I have seen hints of how slutty she can be, she just needs the right guy to bring it out.
  3. BNJ4BBC

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    For us it was kind of a rollercoaster. At first she wasn't into as much. She was very shy her first meeting with a BBC. Quiet and nervous. After she tried her first BBC, she was addicted to it for about a year. She became super confident and was really beginning to dress a little to racy for everyday life.

    Everywhere she went every man knew her by name. It was getting crazy. She needed BBC at least 3x a month and was needing sex daily. She was getting free stuff every where she went. Guys who worked at the gas station were filling her car with gas and telling her it was "on them".

    After the first year it calmed down a bit and now it's decreased a bit. She said she had to take a step back and consider things more. She was 22 and she felt she was doing a little to much, a little to fast.

    It was in the end kind of shy to bbc sex slave back to shy and now working her way back towards bbc sex slave.
  4. BethLuvsBBConly

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    Never really shy but multiple squirting orgasm with black men is addictive, and I needed it a lot.
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