Cuckold Sexual Imprint

I was wondering if other men remember specific points in wich the attraction to Interracial cuckolding began for them.

I belive personally that in certain moments, heightened emotions, first experiences etc… while growing up the brain will hard wire things into place.

For me, I was in 3rd grade, my school began bussing in kids from less fortunate parts of the city, this included the first bused in Black and Hispanic kids I had ever seen… prior to this as white kids go i was big and had actually emerged as the toughest kid in the class.

I remember very vividly the very first Black student to eneter my class… I will call him Mark, Mark was seated a few seats down from me…

before i go on I should say, this was also literally the first few weeks of my life I had experienced any kind of arrousal directed at females, I had a girl that sat next to me who i will call Anna

As luck would have it, Mark our new Black student was seated on the opposite side of Anna. Now Anna was the source of my very first fantasies, I was able to achieve a state of pleasure by rubbing myself against a blanket at night and daily i would dream about her, I didn't have full erections yet but it was very pleasureable.

Mark was quiet for the first couple of hrs but then i noticed something… Anna and several other girls were looking over thier desks smiling at marks table, I leaned over and looked and there was mark with his cock out…and yes i call it a cock, because he was fully erect and showing his stuff to the girls, when he talked for the first time he told Anna to look when she averted her gaze… he noticed me looking too and then sharply said… Not YOU with a bit of aggression… the girls giggled including my Anna, and I couldn't really take my eyes away because I had never seen an erect penis before… then Mark looked at anna and said "you can touch it" I whispered don't and Mark very Loud said Shut UP… I felt utterly humiliated and for some reason the teacher didn't notice, marks tone was deep and he shut me up for a moment with his voice… Anna then reached out and placed her hand around marks cock…

At that point the teacher noticed distraction and mark quickly put it away… this was my first experience of being cuckolded although i had no idea… After some self hypnosis i remembered my habits at night after the incident… I distinctly remember trying very hard to make my penis as large as marks when rubbing it, while trying I did achieve an erection and recall my first discharge… i never connected those things befoe in my life… but my first orgasm and first erection was visualizing my first girlfriends hand holding the Black kids Cock…

Two things I remember from that day, the girls watching, I had never seen that look before..the sexual fascination, they all instinctively loved his Cock…all smiles and bright eyes, a look that only for a few years in my prime did I ever see from girls looking at my penis.

the second thing I remeber is that I loved the way Annas hand looked wraped around his cock… even after he scolded me in front of the girls I kept looking and masterbated when I went home that night…

There were other moments but I think that was the pivitol one that my brain formed a sexual pattern on…

Just wondering does anyone else have any growing up experiences to relate, I think Young Black males maturing faster around white students and these new experiences might contribute to the lust many of us feel to see out wives or lovers with black men, many things growing up from obvious differences I saw between myself and the black students in gym locker room and superior athletic and fighting skills surely added in… but for me it was that first moment.
Now that I think about it, I believe it probably started with my cousin. He was older by about 4 years, and he used to have girlfriends he was fucking when I was just about beginning to have erections. There was about a 6-month period, before he moved to another town, when I would regularly suck his cock while he related his experiences with his latest girl
thats an interesting story, I knew of a good friend who shared experiences with his older brother that age and he went on to be Bi, but not cuck..experiences with men…

In your case I'd bet the stories of girls had thier mark on making you cuck…

Curious to hear from others!!!
I started having thoughts of sex very young my first opportunity was when a boy in my class started to tell me what his brother was doing to him. Things progressed pretty fast from that point on.

When I joined the Army I was sent to Germany I met this very good-looking horny German girl in a bar you could say I fell in love with her at first sight. I knew she was extremely popular with the GIs but that did not deter me from wanting to go with her.

One night I got up the courage to ask her if she wanted to go out with me she said yes right off our first stop was a hotel room after I was with her for an hour I realized why she was going out with so many men there was no way in hell I could keep up with her in bed I gave it my best, IM extremely horny myself but could not satisfy her head and leaving the hotel she asked me if I want to see her again I said of course.

I arrived at the bar the following night she was on her way out with two GIs I knew there were never real good time with her but I was disappointed for a while. She came back to the bar three hours later along came over to my table and said let's go out we went to the hotel at it real good time she asked me if I wanted to study with her I said yes knowing he was going to be other men in her life most of the time.

After going with her for two months I asked her if she wanted to marry me she said yes but you know my situation I tour I was okay with her situation but I had one request of her. I wanted real bad to watch a black man Fuck her. She explained to me that if she was singing with any black men no white guy would ever look at her again I told her that was not the case with me but she did not want to take the chance in the area she lived in.

I did not say anymore to her for a while but one night when we are going at it real good I told her I knew of a black infantry division about 40 miles away from where she liveed she did not say anything to me but her fucking intensified a lot I knew I have gotten her attention at that point. I asked her if she wanted to go she was out of bed putting her clothes on getting ready to go it that time of night I could not go because I had to be back to the army and allow the clock.

I told her it was all right with her I would pick her up Friday after I was off duty we could go to town if I had the time I would've taken her that night. 4 PM Friday afternoon I went to the bar to pick her up was not there I waited for a while you walk in a asked her she is ready to go he said let's go.

We arrived in the small town go down the main street they were black men all the place so we found a hotel check-in Parked the car started walking down the main street they were two black men behind us making comments about her ass without saying a thing she turned around gave one of them a kiss like I never seen before they were locked together like two magnets. His beautiful black hands were all over her lovely white body what a turn on that was for me.

The four of us went back to our hotel room she started taking her clothes before we got to our room her new black friend could not get his hands off her. I wanted a lot more than his hands on her body he put her on the bed she finished taking everything off her black friend remove all of his clothes he got his beautiful black cock in her as fast as he could they started fucking like to pair young rabbits. The black man's friend standing near the head of the bed with his cock out my wife had it in her hand trying to get it in her mouth. I got off in my pants two times without doing anything just to watching that was the first time I seen a black man fuck a white woman that was their first black cock she had many more after that situation.

Shortly after we were married I was transferred back to USA stayed with my father for a while that's another story.
I am similar, my interest in this lifestyle started when I was at school, and all the white girls wanted the black guys!
I knew why as well, from showering and trying in vain to hide my own little cock!


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ok sogjo78 i shall respond to this in two seperate manners, first off the 1st penis i ever saw came at the expense of a black boy in the 4th grade. under a swing set at a elementary school we were all playing a game he called "kings and Queens" lol this is 4real! He made himself king and I was regarded as the prettiest girl so therefore the queen, he had all the other kids, everyone of them white or Asian run around trying to tackle each other in the recess area, while he and I sat on our makeshift crowns. That sly dog actually had me on his lap for a bit! anyway with him, myself, 2 other girls libby and danielle under the castle/swing-set he whipped his dick out. he allowed both libby and I to grab it. It was a sort of naughty feeling that lingered for a while but thats it. then 8th and 9th grade years all the boys would tell us girls how big there dicks were and they ALL exaggerated greatly. The only guys ever to just whip it out were black kids, and by then their dicks were full grown. Black guys are much more confident and assertive so as a white girl ever since middle school I have had my ass grabbed, hand placed on laps, or just had one whipped out in my presence. Though I just recently slept with my first black guy, the memory of their larger cocks has always been with me. Part 2. To attribute your cuckold behavior to something that happened in the 3rd grade is idiotic. Aw you got your feelings hurt cuz your girlfriend left you for a black kid that had balls enough to show her his dick. How unfortunate for you. And you white guys can't help it cuz they sexually mature faster than you. So what? that is the reason why you fantasize about them sleeping with your women. come on. Like that black kid from the , how did you put it, "less fortunate area" didn't have some real trauma or issue to deal with at that age. you should be feeling lucky that you even remember such a little thing like that, infact I contend that you have indulged this psuedo memory to give you a sort of justification for your current behavior. Come on white guys don't you go blaming the black kid from the "unfortunate area of the city" for your current fixation. We don't need Freud to figure this out its simple: they have big dicks, you don't- they fuck hard for hours; you can't last 20mins- they have muscular bodies; your are fat and chubby, they are confident and know what they want; you are insecure and give them what they want, they are dominant and you are submissive. because that's the way you each were born. Even if tyrell didn't whip his cock out all those years ago, you would still be stuck with a little dick that barely worked. it' sdestiny guys sorry. it would suck to be you


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Mandy, My girl! I love how you think...REALISTICALLY. While reading your response I was turned on by the way you think

REAL WOMEN should be with REAL MEN...PERIOD.


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I really have no idea what started it for me, I guess it was when my wife told me she was into black guys and somehow I was turned on by the fact my beautiful white wife was spreading her legs for black guys and she didn't care what I thought about it, she was going to have black cock in her regardless of what I thought or approved of it. She remains the same way today after 10-years of her having interracial affairs when the mood strikes her....and I do approve!!!!!!