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Couple from southern illinois looking for bbc for wife.

we are about a hour and a half north look at a map of Illinois and locate Vincennes Indiana we are 10 minutes from there here is another pic.To bad we don't need to make a road trip to stl or you take a road trip We would let you have her and she would fuck on first meting .really she would probable already be naked when u showed up rather be a hotel room or are house she was last weekend and the BBC never showed or text and we have not heard from since thought she was going to get fucked good.hey u can email us at will be easier.thanks


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So I will be in KCK the weekend of 5/10 and 10/5 then I will be in Joliet, IL on the weekend of 9/14. If you are serious, you need to email me ASAP!
Ok. I would be down for that. I will message you the hotel address where we stay. We will have to be 100% discrete as I will be there for business as well. I will be flying in on the Thursday of that weekend. That day will probably be ideal for me.