Confession: A Cuck Hubby's First Time


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Nothing feels great than when a white boi gets seduced the first time toward the Black side. This cuck hubby from New Jersey who's been an ongoing fan to my blog, sent me this piece to publish, to show how strong his life has changed and how happy he is since he and his wife submitted themselves to being dominated. I'll be paying the couple a visit real soon.

As a middle-aged white male and a cuck, I am always interested in how white men like me and white women like my wife got to worship BM and BBC like we do. My awakening was a shock, a surprise and one of the most erotic nights I was ever part of and one that I will never forget.

I was just 15 years old and a puck sophomore at a local suburban all white high school. It was a Friday night and me a few buddy's were invited to a senior's after football game party. We got there and walked around like 3 out of place idiot's. The only reason we got invited was because one of my friends had a pretty hot senior sister but we were there to drink and see the hottest girl in the school, Donna, the local 'it' girl. Donna was tall, long legged with long brown hair almost to her waist. She was lean and built, friendly and very smart. There wasn't a guy in my class who didn't jerk off about her at least once a week I don't think picturing her naked. Donna finally showed up at the party, looking hot at ever, her hair was up, she was wearing a nice yellow dress she wore that night for home coming. She had on 3" black high heels and looked extra hot. After drooling and eying her for a while we went to the game room where we made fools out of ourselves by drinking too much beer and vodka.

The next thing I remember was waking up outside on the deck, I was cold and alone and still drunk. The party was over, all the cars where gone and I was freezing so I went thru the garage and was heading back into the game room to find out what time it was and warm up. I opened the door and heard music playing, I walked down a dark hallway that lead to the game room. Before I walked in I heard voices so I stopped and waited in the darkness. I heard a girls voice and a man’s. I was about to back down the hallway and leave till I saw Donna walk over and sit on the couch, she was talking to someone I could not see but I was close enough to get a peak up her dress at her long legs. I knelt down and was just looking at her, she looked so pretty sitting there.

Then a man walked over and sat down next to her, he looked older than her and he was black. I was stunned to see a black man in the game room let alone her talking to one. At first I wanted to walk in and 'save' her, but as I watched they started to kiss, first soft and long then long and deep. I was close enough to hear her begin to softly moan as they kissed. I watched his hands running up her legs, trying to get under her dress as she fought him off at every turn. His huge black hands went from her legs to trying to feel up her tits, she kept pushing his hands away but they never stopped kissing. I watched at one point as he grabbed and held her tiny white wrist with one hand and with his other hand pulled the top of her dress down along with her bra exposing her tit, with the nipple out his mouth went right to it and as he began to suck on it, her head tilted back and I watched as she voluntarily spread her legs, when she did that he released her wrist and his hand went right to her yellow panties. That was when my white cock began to get hard. I watched as he began to rub her pussy thru her panties, as he did she spread her legs wild open and she began to moan. After a few minutes of this his hand slipped inside her panties and i could tell he was fingering her, while he was doing this she leaned forward and undid her dress and bra and now both her tits were exposed. I heard him say something about 'teenage titties' and she smiled and they kissed some more.

Then as his mouth went back to her nipples, she reached down and slip off her panties and there it was, Donna's beautiful well trimmed pussy just feet away from me, the one I had jerked off to many times before and as I was staring at it his huge black hand went to it, he put two black fingers in her and began to pump her like crazy. I have never seen a women have an orgasm before but I know I did at that point. Her head went way back, her legs were spread wide apart, she pulled this black close to her and she screamed. As she screamed he never stopped fingering her or sucked her nipples. I was about to cum myself and my cock was still in my pants and I was too afraid to even move to touch it.
After Donna recovered from this, she kissed her black lover then stood up with her back to me, she pulled her dress up and over her head, now she was naked, now I saw her long legs and her ass. She stood there letting him check her out, even turned around for him, she was looking right to where I was but couldn't see me.

Then the black man stood up, they kissed then he pushed Donna down to her knees. She smiled up at him as she opened his pants and pulled them off, he was wearing boxers and she began to softly site on his cock thru his shorts all the time smiling up at him. Then she pulled his shorts down and out popped this huge looking thing I would never have imagined another man could have with him let along hanging between his legs. It was of course black, but it was long, she wrapped both her hands around it and some of it still showed out from the lower end of the shaft and the head was still expose as she kissed it, and it looked to be very thick. I thought to myself, no way this was real and no way she could ever take into her pussy. I watched as Donna began to kiss it, lick it then as she tried to take it in her mouth. She got the head in and maybe about a third of the cock itself into her mouth and that was all. As she sucked the thing seem to get even bigger and then I noticed his balls were hanging down half way to his knees. I was stunned by the sight of it.