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Confessing to a friend

My wife's out tonight with one of her friends. This friend is single and in her 30's. She is quite open with my wife about he sexcapades which are frequent and sound quite... well for lack of a better word "slutty".
Recently, my wife has been talking to two different bulls she's interested in. One is the "hot guy" mixed American she wants, the other isn't as attractive, but has what appears to be a huge cock, and they get along quite well (although they haven't fucked yet).

She told me that tonight she's thinking of telling her friend about these guys, and asking her take on the situation. She'll tell me what she thinks of it all when she gets home.

Hotwives, Bad girls, and BBC sluts - here's my questions for you:

What happened the first time you told a friend/family member about you and BBC? Who was it, and how'd they take it?
My wife and I were arguing at a bar with my guy friend there and she brought up about me setting her up with black men in front of him. I don't care but I had to make it like there was also a girl involved that didn't make it that night. but now he knows I just love to just watch her fuck BBC .