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I've always had a fantasy to live with a cuckold couple and be their bull 24/7. All the benefits of a cuckold relationship on a day to day basis. Wifey and I sleeping together every night, going out on dates and outings and pretty much anything else we would want to do. Of course this isn't something I expect to happen overnight, I need communication and I have preferences which I'm sure we all do so with that being said if you would be interested be realistic please.

This isn't just a post that I want anyone looking for a bull to fuck their wife. This isn't a one an done I don't want random white guys replying saying good for me or asking if I can be their bull and you're in a different state or country. I'm willing to travel but keep in mind I'm young I don't have many resources at my disposal and I don't have much money for that matter either. This is something where I want connection, I want a couple that understands my needs and will go above and beyond to satisfy them. I need someone who I can trust completely and have full support with. Like I said I have preferences and if I don't reply or you come off fake to me I will not tolerate or speak with you at all. I would prefer to stay in Colorado but if your offer is legit and sincere I could consider moving.

Please if you are interested contact me anytime here or at my email which will be provided below. I also do have Skype and kik or open to using another social media if you specify. Hope to find what I'm looking for. Thanks.


Kik: YngBBC
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My wife and I are currently being used by a BBC in the Springs, but he's moving away soon. We've talked about a live in bull for many years, but haven't found the right guy. We're both 55, but she looks 45. I love the fact that she's BBC owned. She loves doing anything he tells her as she likes pleasing him and I am slightly cucked, always wearing a cage when they're together, sucking him sometimes and cleaning them both after. She likes dressing slutty when she can, but knows when to be classy too. She likes public play and has fucked in public with him. We're east of Denver a couple hours, but get there monthly or more. If you're interested in chatting and seeing if this would work, we'd be very interested. IMG_2422aa.jpg