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Chicagoland BBC available during the day!

Which lonely housewives in the Chicagoland area seek ongoing adventurous IR meets during the day?

  • Me, and I'll send my contact info to you at junktrunk86 gmail

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  • Me, but I'm not in the Chicagoland area but want to you to visit, contact info to junktrunk86 gmail

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This is an absolutely great community. I'm very glad to have found it and more importantly be apart of it. now allow me to introduce myself and tell you about me.

I'm a professional young BBC(26 yrs old), that resides in the Chicagoland Area. However due to the nature of my career, I travel throughout the whole of the intercontinental US weekly. Ladies and cucks or just plain old normal speaking couples that enjoy the experience of an passionate, mature BBC in the bedroom, do not limit our contact. As chances are very high that I'll be in your neck of the woods.

I'm 5'9 180, at the gym regularly, 8inches long 5 inches round, 180lbs and most importantly, since cleanliness is next to godliness, am HIV-/DDF a most certainly plan to stay that.

Here's what you can expect from me:
- Our time together will be mind blowing, though I expect you to love pleasing, I will certainly make sure you want to come back early and often
- Respect for you privacy and preferences
- Well groomed, showered and HIV-/DDF (test every 3-4 months)
- An opportunity to establish repeat visits and possible dating for the wife

Here are my preferences:
-Women that care about there appearance! This however, does not mean you've got to be a 10, just look good in what you are blessed with
- One night stands or on-going relationships
- Very Oral woman and those that derive pleasure from pleasing BBC
- Respect for my privacy and preferences
- I WILL NOT get your wife or girlfriend pregnant!!

Please feel free if you'd like to pics, to learn more or just to say "Hi" contact me: junktrunk86 gmail