Broken Part 2

Part 2​

Tom was pacing back and forth across the twenty foot space between the ensuite and the massive dresser, wearing a rut in the finely woven Persian carpet. Robert cleared his throat as we approached the master bedroom and Tom stopped mid-stride and watched as I led Robert in by the cock. “Sit.” Robert said, pointing at the ornate Queen Anne chair facing the bed and wordlessly, Tom complied.
Robert stopped me at the foot of the bed and turned me to face my husband. “Don’t move.” He instructed me and turned to Tom. He twirled the roll of duct tape around his finger and smiled. “Arms on the arm rests.” He ordered and when Tom rested them on the plush, white fabric, Robert bound first one wrist then the other and repeated the process at the crook of his elbow.
“Legs.” He said simply and Tom positioned his legs to rest against the legs of the chair. Once again, tape about the ankles and again about his knees. Robert stood and reached across Tom to take a chilled bottle of water from the table on his left. I watched as Roberts cock dangled inches from Tom’s face and held my breath as it slapped against Toms cheek. Tom closed his eyes and his mouth flattened into a thin line.
“Open.” Robert said and without risking a glance, Tom opened his mouth. Robert turned to look at me, his cock in hand and smiled. Instead of what either of us was expecting, Robert tipped the bottle and poured the chilled water into Toms mouth. Toms eyes shot open and he swallowed greedily for a few brief seconds before Robert pulled the bottle away and tore a piece of tape from the roll. “Mouth.” He said curtly and with a helpless glance in my direction, my husband complied and allowed himself to be gagged as well.
“Now!” Robert barked, clapping his hands together. “The beginning of something truly special. Today,” He said turning back to face my husband. “Today is a day neither of you will ever forget.” He moved quickly, like a panther and caught my wrist and drawing it above my head, fashioned it into a handcuff suspended from the frame of the four poster California king sized bed frame. He slid to my right and attached my other wrist to yet another pair of cuffs and pulling on the chain between them, forced me onto my toes.
My breasts drawn high, he ran his hands across them, down the flat of my stomach and kneeling before me, kissed me right above my throbbing clit. He fastened my ankles each to their own shackle, forcing my legs to spread wider, forcing me up on my toes further. I was as exposed as anyone could be. Exposed and dangerously vulnerable. “As I was saying,” Robert said as he stepped into the gulf that separated me from my husband, “Today is the day your wife learns what it is to submit to a true man. A man capable of things you’ve only ever dreamed of Tom. “After I am done with her, you will be lucky to be allowed to lick the black man’s cum from her gaping holes. After I am done with her, your cock will never satisfy her and her body will no longer belong to you. She will seek out black cock and this I promise you, she will stop, drop and satisfy every black man she encounters without hesitation.”
Robert turned then and smiled at me. “Ready?” He asked and I nodded. Reaching behind me, he took hold of a flail, a leather wrapped monstrosity with flat, broad leather strips and swinging it in a wide arc, brought it up between my legs with a force that lifted me off of the ground. I grunted at the impact. The leather stinging my tender flesh and I felt myself go wet with desire. With hooded eyes, I watched as the flail came around again, a direct hit and my pussy clenched and my breasts tightened and I knew that a few more hits like that and I was going to cum violently.
I was going to cum! Again and again the flail slapped against my dripping core and as the pain increased, the pressure between my thighs mounted until with a scream, I felt my legs give out as my thighs quivered violently and an orgasm ripped though me. Tom had remained silent throughout my whipping but the straining erection in his pants told me more than I wanted to know. My husband enjoyed watching me be abused like this. He enjoyed watching this man whip me. He enjoyed my pain. It was then I decided that Robert was right. He would own me, break me and when it was all said and done, I would be everything he said I would be and so much more.