Best In Person Consultation?


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TexasCuck, I think many posters might be as confused as I, regarding who you are referring. You've posted quite a few female pics of whom you've called either your GF or x-gf's. I looked at your personal info for the answer but it wasn't filled out. Regardless, I was looking for some background or experiences leading up to your Q. I'm thinking that your girlfriend or wife (?) whichever she is, has had no experience with swinging whatsoever! Right? And have the 2 of you ever talked about her being with another man, much less a black man, while you watched, or participating in a 3-some or couple swap? And if so, how did that go?
I think, in general, the best way to get your lady to consider being with another man, is for her to hear it from either a close, female friend, or from a young couple she's close to. I would assume you would have already gotten her interest in the topic. Of course, if she's currently dating you as a prospective life-long partner, and is content, she may be reluctant to consider.
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