BBC Looking for a Married or Divorced Lover!!!

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Summer time is near and I want to try many different things throughout my time spent this season.
I want to get involved in the Interracial Lifestyles such as Swinging, and Group Gang Bangs, etc. But... I want a lover for the entire summer that I can really use not only for abuse, but for TLC as well. We can do other things other than sex. Maybe catch Netflix or just drink some liquor and chat. If you are down for any of this and you live anywhere in the NYC tri state areas, please respond back or inbox me. Ladies from other states can respond to me as well :);):cool::p:angel::balanced:


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Well. ..i wish sharing my wife with you because you've an unbelievable huge cock bro! Especially now because she's mad at me because she's thinking that I'm chiding on her. ..