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BBC-In Green Bay, WI

Seeking to go deep and long in the very unsatisfied pussy I see in this city trying to pretend that all is well in their bedrooms. No, I see women/wives/Gf who are are trying to deny they really want a Black Bull to dominate and procreate. The lips are glistening waiting to wrap around that shaft of pleasure. And the thighs are parted perfectly when they bend over to load bags in the backs of their aromatic suv's filled with the fantasies of being impaled on a Black Dick while dreading the return of the man they married who's dick only goes so far.... I go places and see the potential for Cucking...but now I make it vocal, if you are looking for Black Dick, long, and thick and you are fearless enough to come for it I am willing and waiting to bend you over, put you on your knees or straddle your face until you are full of Black Seed. Now, let me see if Womens Rights have reached enough in a city where white men drive big trucks to camouflage small dicks and egos...Black Dick is Beautiful Babygirl...admit and come get it.