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arkansas bbc still here

My job has picked up lately so i have not been able to post lately my schedule is calming a lil bit and ill start posting more often .. Im still single at the time , i apologise to the people who have sent messages that i have not returned yet , you can also reach me bbcmilfhuntr at the hooo .. And for some of your questions yes i still meet couples and single females , its just the ones i have met , prefer me not to share pics of our time .. but i can give stories but i have to change the names .. Im also in the process of starting my own bbc entertainment group .. I do have a travel list of places i plan to go this year.. New york , virgina , tampa florida , houston and dallas texas .. mobile and new orleans .. stl and chicago .. okc , vegas and california .. If some of you are taveling my way hit me up .. and yes i do have some great female bbc loving friends here that im willing to share and yes cucks are ok to come watch and clean up .. And a special thanks to you single ladies who have hit me up, if you can not let our distance stop you , ive talked to a few of you that we could do something really special .. Im still looking for a female who can out squirt my local friend .. And as always im very honored to be the first bbc for wives and single females .. Have a great month and stay in touch