Another white boy in a black mans world...

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    It's weird (well, probably not around here [HURRAY!!!]). I'm moderately attractive, pretty successful, and I actually have a pretty big cock (for a white guy) at 7.5" long and almost 6" thick...

    Yet I just can't help but feel subservient & inferior. There was a time where I wouldn't watch any interracial porn at all, and then it just started to creep into my life... Now I can't watch anything else! Those who I've known online for the longest will tell you, since then, my outlook has changed completely. It's come to the point where I try to slip into conversations with strangers that I feel like I'm decent, but if you want the best, you have to go dark.

    I'm in a long term relationship with someone who'd never let me bring my cuck tendencies home to her (trust me, it's not just a case of exposing her to videos and such - she is one of those highly possessive scary kind of love freaks), but I just feel the need to see someone go black in person. My ultimate fantasy would be to watch while being taunted, and then, if the good lady were feeling generous enough, go in afterwards... Or maybe even clean up, who knows!

    Anyway, I hope my presence here doesn't annoy anyone :) I'm not a sexy black man, I'm certainly not a sexy white woman, and I don't have anything meaningful to share other than my thoughts and my obedience.

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    Welcome to the community. I hope you find creative ways of getting her interested in BBC.
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