An Erotic Story, "My Dark Journey"


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Hello everyone, I am posting this true story about some of my sex life. If you would like to read more please "like" this post. I will be the first to admit I am not an expert on prose so apologies to writers everywhere. Anyway I hope you like this and here you are.

My Dark Journey

My continuing journey to the Dark Side!


I was born in 1960. I lived in a lower middle class family with what I consider a normal upbringing. I started farming when I was old enough to pick tobacco. We lived among mostly white people and the first time I remember seeing a black person was in 1966 when our school was integrated. I never hung around them, I had my own set of friends and it was like that all the way into high school. Back in those days white girls with black guys wasn't talked about, so I knew nothing about it, nor did I care. I was attracted to white guys, and still am to this day. During high school I had a couple black guys hit on me but I told them I wasn't interested, and I wasn’t. I had no interest in persons of color whatsoever. I didn't dislike them, I just preferred white men.

I started having sex when I was 16 years old. My first guy had a little experience and although I didn't orgasm, I still had a great time and I loved the feeling of a cock inside my pussy. I loved the way it felt so silky, soft, and yet it got so hard. I was amazed looking at it. He asked me to suck it and I took it in my mouth and started moving my head up and down while gently sucking on it as I did. He would moan from time to time and tell me I was a good cocksucker. I liked hearing that so I would suck him harder. I used my hand to stroke his cock up and down matching the movement of my mouth that was wrapped around that wonderful cock.

I didn't think about getting pregnant so I let him cum inside me and it was so hot to feel it run from my pussy and down my legs. He must have cum a ton because I still remember to this day cum leaking out of my pussy hours later after I got home.

I loved cock so much I became known pretty much as the town whore. I loved making guys who talked trash back it up. The ones who talked the big talk for the most part never lasted more than 15 minutes. I would fuck them, tell them thanks, then kiss them goodbye.

I met a guy in 1981 who I thought I was in love with and we were together for almost 2 years. He was a good lover but he only cared about getting off and not me so that basically was the reason I ended our relationship. I dated a couple other guys and then in 1983 I met my current husband.

From the very first night our sex life has been fantastic. He loves to eat pussy and I was able to cum for the first time in my 22 year old life. I have had men who were much more well endowed than my husband but that to me never mattered. I was not a size queen. I was in love, and I still am, but its a little different now. We will get to that later.

As life goes we had children and somewhere along the way, I think in the 6th or 7th year of our marriage, my husband started talking about “swinging” during our foreplay. I would get totally turned on thinking about getting double penetrated by my husband and another man. He would rent double penetration videos and he would ask me would I like to try that one day. I would tell him yes but it was just a fantasy to me. I never thought about it after the sex was over. It was just a fantasy to think about along with the sex we were having. It was all good to me. I didn't think he would bring anything else up sexually, but I was wrong.

One day in 1993 a package arrived at our house and even though my husband was still at work, and it was addressed to him I opened it. We have always opened each others mail so I thought nothing about it. Well once I opened it there was a Jeff Stryker Dildo and it was one of the biggest cocks I had seen in many years. (I did experience one that big before I met my husband but we had a hard time getting it inside my tight little pussy so we gave up and I gave him a blow job instead.) So I am standing in our bedroom looking at this thing and wondering just what he had planned.

He came home from work a couple hours later and I told him about the delivery I had opened and he just laughed and told me he knew I loved a big cock and wanted to spice up things in the bedroom. He even had bought a strap on leather harness earlier and was waiting on the Jeff Stryker dildo so he could fuck me with it. I have to admit I was excited about him fucking me with that big cock later that evening and had been wet all day thinking about it.

A quick note for all. My pussy has always gotten very wet when I get horny, and once I cum the first time I can cum many times, as long as I am being stimulated. My orgasms get more intense the longer the sex goes. I am also what my husband calls a “screamer” because when I start to cum I am very LOUD! Even today my grown children talk about how they and their friends would be laughing at me when very late at night they could hear me having a screaming orgasm. Even with a pillow over my face to keep the noise down it didn't help, and they were up listening to us fucking. Oh my was that embarrassing when they mentioned it several years ago.

So I was in hot anticipation all afternoon about the upcoming evening with my husband and my new friend “Jeff”. Once we got the kids in bed I took a shower and got nice and clean and wondered just how my husband would pull this off. He was in bed with the lights off when I entered. The television was on and my favorite DP video was playing. I slipped under the cover and got comfortable nestled up against my husband. We were both naked of course. Normally after some small talk about whats happening on the screen, and some kissing I would reach down to stroke his cock while he would reach over and start rubbing my clit. Well I was quite taken aback when I reached down and felt the Jeff Stryker dildo strapped to my husband. I had thought we would fuck before “Jeff” ever came into the equation. Wow was I wrong. I looked at him and asked him how long had he planned this and he told me he had for months. He asked me if I liked it and I told him I would let him know later in the evening. He told me to stroke it and to just fantasize that I was with another man for real. He told me to think about pleasing him by letting another man fuck me while he watched, then joined in to pleasure me later. ( I was never much for fantasizing at all. Even now I have a hard time doing that. Don't get me wrong I do it, but it doesn't come natural to me. )

So while I was watching my favorite DP video and holding on to that big cock I started to get very very wet. I wanted that big cock deep in my hot little pussy, and I wanted it then! My husband noticed just how wet I was and since we are pretty much in tune with our sexual desires, took my hand off Jeff and placed it on my clit. I started rubbing myself while he got between my legs and begin to eat my soaking wet pussy. I continued to watch the video getting hotter by the minute.

My husband moved up the bed and hovered me and told me to take that big dick and get it nice and wet with my juices. I reached down, grabbed “Jeff” and started rubbing it up and down my pussy getting it nice and wet. I would put the head in for just a second then take it out and run it up and down again. I did this until “Jeff” was ready to enter me. I placed the head inside my wet pussy and my husband started sucking on my neck and slowly he started fucking me with that big dick. It was stretching me out but not in a bad way, but in a very good way. I moved my hips in rhythm to his slow strokes and slowly “Jeff” was balls deep. My husband was whispering in my ear that my pussy was so tight and how wet I was. He was asking me did I like my husband watching me getting fucked by another man. At that time I went along with him but to be quite honest I didn't think about that at all. All I know was that “Jeff” was fucking my pussy unlike anything I felt in many years. It was touching my pussy in places not touched in years and it felt soooooo gooood. We fucked a long time that evening and I think I came over 15 times and the bed was totally soaked by my cum. Finally I was getting a little sore because I wasn't used to a cock that big and I told my husband it was “his turn”. He took “Jeff” off and we then fucked until he unloaded a huge load inside me that was so hot I almost feel it today. He said he loved the way my pussy felt after getting a big cock first. I myself cum harder when I fucked my husband, than when I was cumming on the Jef Stryker dildo. It was different in a way and not the size thing. Just different. Remember back in those days dildos didn't feel “lifelike” like some do today. Back then a realistic dildo was a much harder material. I got off with it, but not like I did with hubby!

After the sex was over my husband asked me how I liked it and I told him it was okay. He looked a little disappointed but I assured him it was good and we could play with it every now and then, but I much preferred him. I still do, but that too is another story to come later.

So almost every time we had sex after that we played a DP video, because yes I loved them. And for the most part we used “Jeff”, and yes I loved that too.

Well this went on a couple years and in that time we moved and hubby started another job where he was able to get on that little thing called “the internet”.

Back then even though we had a computer the connection to AOL was so slow it would take my husband all evening to download a XXX rated picture. I used to laugh at him taking all evening to look at one picture, when he could always go to the adult book store and buy a magazine with tons of pictures. To me it was a waste of time.

So apparently one day at work my husband discovered Yahoo Chat Rooms and in there he started talking to couple and the female was bi sexual. Apparently, and Im still not sure, how he really met this couple. Still he had connected with a couple who lived about an hour from us. Even though he had told me several times he would love to see me with another woman too, I always told him I had thought about it, but I wasn't really interested because I just love a good dick! And women don't have a “dick”.

I guess he didn't listen really well and he told me he had this couples phone number and would I like to talk to them. I told him hell no I wasn't interested. I didn't know these people and I felt very uncomfortable talking to someone I didn't know especially about SEX. For several weeks afterwards he would bring up me talking to them while he was eating my pussy. I thought about it and finally one evening when we were in bed I relented just to get him to stop pestering me about it. He dialed their number and once they were on the phone, they made some small talk about us being naked and then he handed the phone to me. He then went down on me and started licking my clit, and for a change he put a finger in my ass, and it felt really good. I was talking to this man I didn't know, and he was asking me did what my husband was doing feel good? I told him yes it did and he started telling me how he would love to be fucking me right then. How he would take his big cock and fuck me deep in my ass. How he would slowly put in in and let me back up on it until it was all the way in my ass. He told me he would make my ass cum for him like never before and I don't know what happened, but I was so hot I suddenly started squirting all over the bed. I mean squirting cum off the bed, not on the sheets, but literally off the bed and hitting the dresser. My husband was in shock and I think I squirted 30 seconds maybe more. I was screaming and feeling something I NEVER felt before. I was in total heaven! I just handed the phone to my husband and left that guy hanging I guess. My husband talked to him for a minute or so, then hung up and fucked me silly. I think it was then that I figured out that squirting was directly related to me being anally stimulated. At least it was back then. Not so much now, but thats for later in the story!

I call everything I have written so far “Beginnings”

If you like to read more please let me know. If I don't get enough “likes” its not worth my time honestly. Thanks for reading all.