I'm seeing this girl WHO was a nurse in Uganda, and ended up being pregnant with one of the locals, Actually she had a white boyfriend when she was in Uganda who she broke up with, when I asked her about it she told me that she just couldn't resist the local men, and one night she was dancing at this bar, and met the father of her daughter.. Long story short im her boyfriend now, but when we go some where it's obvious that i'm not the father of her baby, and I feel kind of owned when people look at us, and especially me.. I also feel that she misses the father of her baby, he was kind of a bully, but he still have some physical power over her.. Well my questions.. is it normal to fell owned in that situation ? And how should I react if the father of her baby shows up ?..
Tell him he owes back pay for baby support. Then ask your gf why she fucks BBC on the DL in foreign countries then comes home and dates white guys. Seems to me SHE'S embarrassed to be seen in public with a black bf. The kids u explain away as an adoption. Owned? HAHAHA! Man the f*ck up!