A White boi Explains ... Black Mistress Tiffany


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A white boi-slave explains how he and his wife was seduced by Black Mistress Tiffany and her husband, Master Wale…..

"Her name is Mistress Tiffany. We met her on our third night at the hotel, her and her husband, Master Wale. He was a businessman, import and export, and they'd just returned from some trip abroad, or so they told us. It was Kristin who first met with them at the hotel's swimming pool while I' gone back upstairs as I'd forgotten her sun-block cream and returned with it to see her sharing a laughter with the Nigerian couple. We got introduced and they invited us to have dinner with them later. They were the first friends we were having since we arrived in the country; Kristin was quite flattered and Master Wale seemed to be quite a charmer. Something happened that afternoon when we returned to our suite. We had sex. Not just any type of sex, I'm talking hungry crazy sex. The type of sex that's least expecting, that you aren't thinking about even though you are somehow—I shut the door and Kristin jumped on me, kissing me all over and I too had the hunger and we found the couch and she kept moaning for me to fuck her harder ... and I did. I came inside of her. She wasn't in her period then and she was being regular on the pill, and I was happy about that. I hadn't much savings and wasn't looking forward to starting a family just yet; neither was she."

"Evening came and we went down and meet with Master Wale and his wife. Damn, that was one pretty-looking black woman. Never met any woman who's that gorgeous: tall with just the right shape of hips, kind of like that Beyonce chick, know what I mean? Kristin noticed it and I guess she felt kind of intimidated by the woman. I was too. I sat next to her and she and I talked stuff while Kristin and her husband made conversation. I couldn't make out whatever they were saying—Mistress Tiffany had my full concentration. At one time she rubbed her hand across my thigh. At first I thought I was just ... nothing, you know. Then she went and did it again and that sent a lot of butterflies travelling down my spine, I'll tell you. I didn't know what was going with Kristine but later when we said goodnight to Wale and Tiffany and went back to our room ... she came at me even before I had the door open. Matter of fact we almost didn't make it to the bedroom. We did it right there on the floor."

He laughed at this junction.

"It was amazing. It was crazy. The stuff that flew out of Kristin's mouth while she rode me. She kept hitting my ribs with her knees I thought I was going to break something but at the same time I didn't care. I actually didn't. I was hitting her back. I wouldn't stop fucking her. The more she yelped, the more I wasn't to bury my cock deep inside her. But the funny thing is all the time I was fucking her, it wasn't her I was picturing. It was Mistress Tiffany. I got to learn later that she too had her own fantasy going on in her head while we were fucking. She told me she pictured Tiffany's husband Master Wale pounding her. She opened up to me after we'd made love that night and told me while I and Tiffany had been talking that Wale had his hand running over her thigh. At first she'd felt disgusted about it and wanted to slap his hand off, but then she looked across to us and saw how relaxed I was with his wife and she thought what the hell. I asked what they'd talked about. She said this and that. He'd asked if she was enjoying her time in Nigeria and then told me some naughty stuff ... of course she didn't tell me what naughty stuff they talked about, but listening to her giggle I figured it involved sex or something close to it."

"The next day we got a call from them saying there was this night club they'd love us to attend. Kristine was all up for it while I was still contemplating whether to accept or not. We decided why not. They picked us up in the evening and first we drove to some classy restaurant and had something to eat, then drove to some night club somewhere in Victoria Island. Lots of people there, good music too. We got ourselves a private booth, had us some champagne and just felt happy being together. Somewhere along the line we kind of switched places: I sat beside Mistress Tiffany while her husband sat with my wife and Tiffany and I talked while I noticed her husband and Kristine kept flirting with each other. Tiffany asked me if I'd ever made love to a black woman before. I shook my head and said no. She then asked if I've ever eaten a black woman's pussy before; still I said no. I looked over at Kristine and I swear she was kissing Wale. Tiffany had her hand on my crotch and kept squeezing my dick hard. Oh yeah, I was hard like a rock down there. Watching Wale run his hand down my wife's thigh ... it just got me thinking wild and crazy. At one time Tiffany kissed me. It wasn't like any ordinary kiss, no. She had her hands on my face and sort of opened my jaw and stuck her tongue down my throat. She wagged her tongue against mine and then pulled out and wet my neck with her lips. It was crazy, I tell you."